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  1. yogavnture

    My dirtbike accident that just changed my life!

    sorry bout your foot. but if my toes were dangling. I would pay for ambulance and left my bike their. my foot is worth more than 2000 dollars.
  2. u are saying their is a new motor? and that it is even a tiny better than the old motor. (note. how many years has ktm been using that motor . exactly do u know that?) if the new motor is a tiny better than the old motor then why not use it in the PREMIUM MOTORBIKE LINE HUSKY as u put it. if its premium line. and a motor is even a tiny better than old motor. then why not use it/? what im wondering is how many years must one wait for the new motor>?????????? when they run out of old motors sitting around? next year.? NOTE WHAT I FIND WITH STUFF IN GENERAL. ITS USUALLY BEST THE FIRST YEAR THEN THE MANUFACTURER. TINKERS WITH IT UNNECESSARILY AND ITS WORSE THEN
  3. the enduro is a nice looking bike other than the honker rear fender i would chop off on day one
  4. if its thier audi wouldnt they spend a few bucks to alter the engine just a bit.? its same engine they ve been using in 690 for 4 years at least. would audi do that
  5. same exact engine in both
  6. this is what im wondering. im wondering if husky is just trying to get rid of engines sitting around, and then next year will put a new engine in that bike. i will wait and see
  7. u could save some cash and buy a used 690 enduro. why husky would promote a new bike and put an old engine in it is beyond me. that engine is same engine they have put in 690 for 4 years now? new bike other than engine
  8. seat height is pretty high i think. supermoto lower than the enduro but u might be able to fine tune it?...........400 mile trips yes it would handle it. i think i would buy a handle bar dampener. no not many aftermarket parts needed. other than handlebar supresser and exhaust pipe . reliability is good but dealing with husky in the past has been a nightmare. maybe now that ktm owns them they will get better. ownership cost ? reasonable . i might wait a year or so to buy this bike though as they are putting ktm 690 engine in it, i wonder if they might update engine anytime soon???????????????
  9. interesting article. i do wonder based on husky rips posts in past if he has a vested interest in husky . dealers? my ktm dealer in my town wont even touch a husky anymore. (he used to be husky dealer) due to how husky treated dealers and customers in the past.. i bought a husky in 2007 and the speedo went bad twice and the dealer dumped husky after they refused to pay him for warranty work. now i dont have a dealer in area! thanks husky. my suggestion is to wait a year, till ktm gets rid of the old 690 engines they are renaming a 701 . even though its a 690 and was put into the 690 ktm enduro..............the only reason why a person with a ktm 690 from 2013 onwards would want one of these bikes is if they prefer the color white. same exact engine.. good marketing by husky though and they only send over a few bikes to try to keep the prices inflated.
  10. yogavnture

    Might buy a used Husky – some advice please

    I own a husky te 610 06. that thing which a dealer upgraded with a new pipe and maintenance is a blast to ride right now. the sound is just about as good as it gets. it sits really high which I like and the only criticism is the electronics are suspect. seems like a fairly simple bike. which I like.
  11. yogavnture

    Might buy a used Husky – some advice please

    the point is that husky went downhill after one of their many ownership changes. im not an expert . but when bmw took them over they really went downhill to the point ktm bought out husky for pennies
  12. yogavnture

    Which tire to go with

    its a dirt bike buy a dirt bike tire
  13. yogavnture

    Might buy a used Husky – some advice please

    I got banned from cafe husky so take whatthey have to say with a grain of salt I have a te610 06 and I love it. I think it might matter what year of bike u are buying. husky had some good bikes I think up until a certain year 09? not sure when, but they changed ownership a few times. if u are mentioning 08 09 or similar year bike i think they were good. make sure thier is a reliable husky dealer u can deal with. this is a problem. husky had some good bikes but alot of crappy dealers. their are some good husky dealers though. café husky is inbred
  14. yogavnture

    Husqvarna TE310 or Yamaha TTR230

    I have a 2006 husky 610 and it seems solid.... i also bought a 13 husky 511 and its junk , literally . i sold it. in my opinion husky made good bikes up until about 2008 or 09, (not sure exactly which year. i suspect when bmw bought them out) husky has changed hands alot ) . then they went downhill quick. ktm is taking a chance they can bring the name back. i bet ktm bought out husky for pennies.
  15. yogavnture

    Husqvarna Blowout Sale

    rancher 1 in not here to have soap opera comments. keep the talk to bikes please. u can have whatever opinion u want about terras. and the te 511s,,,,,,,,I don't share that opinion (considering the company went belly up for pennies I think we can safely conclude those bikes were not the best ones out their)... and fyi every husky dealer out their is biting at the lip waiting for the red Chinese bikes to be at the end of the mandatory parts time period. (ask any ktm/husky dealer and u might find they agree with me) but the 2007 husky te 610 has a beloved spot because that was about the first bike to come out which would do dirt and road equally well.......mine is running great and i kept it at last moment because I called a sacramento/sf husky dealer and they told me the te610 is highly sought out their and they would buy mine sight unseen..........I wonder why? do u see any dealers clammering to buy te511s...........I think not