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  1. barryh

    06 150 F

    Thanks for the replys!
  2. barryh

    06 150 F

    Yes I used my torque wrench and greased everything. The bearings seem to be good. There is no side to side movement. I wonder if the collars on the axle could be worn?
  3. barryh

    06 150 F

    Front wheel does not spin freely when bike is on the stand. With the axle snug it spins okay but when torqued down it will not spin. Any ideas?
  4. barryh

    First bike for 13 year old?

    No I'm not, it's a struggle everyday with this kid. He has some real issues from the treatment he got at home. I'm just taking it one day at a time. It's really hard but I truly feel like I'm supposed to do this. The weather has been crap here this week so we haven't gotten to ride. I really hope we can get out this weekend. He needs allot of work.
  5. barryh

    First bike for 13 year old?

    Thanks for the tips and the kind words. He got up wanting to ride this morning and was bummed when it started raining. So was I
  6. barryh

    First bike for 13 year old?

    I took him to a riding area here in the state that has a huge grass parking area they keep mown. At the very back there's a nice short loop with seven turns and all have nice small berms. We started out in the grass where he quickly dumped the clutch with way to much throttle on. The bike lurched forward and then fell over. He smacked the left handle bar with the chin portion of his helmet, hard. I held my breath thinking this will make him or break him. He picked his bike up and shook it off. I was so relieved when he kept riding. After a few passes in the grass he got on the little practice track and rode for about an hour with no more incidents. This was his first time to ever ride a dirt bike. He was wiped out after that. Poor kid has been in a shelter since August and I don't think he got any physical activity. To make matters worse he has lived his entire life on fast food. He's about 5' 4" and weighs 237. He just turned 13 less than two weeks ago, the very day he came to live with us. I am going to get with a dietician after the holidays and get him on a program. He has already amazed me at how smart he is at problem solving while we did some maintenance on his bike. He said he had fun but I bet no more than I did watching him and remembering what it was like when I got my first bike some 40 years ago.
  7. barryh

    First bike for 13 year old?

    Well I found him an 06 CRF 150F with BBR Heavy springs already in it and we all three went and picked it up. He stayed out in the garage helpig me as I slid the forks up a little and set the sag and went all over it. He can touch pretty good. We sat the handle bars and levers where they felt comfortable to him. He's been so excited he's gone to bed and gotten up four times now. Tomorrow if it doesn't rain I will start teaching him to ride. Pretty excited myself.
  8. barryh

    First bike for 13 year old?

    Thanks but I am just paying forward what people have done for me in my life. I have to admit he has already said those four words a dirt bike parent never wants to hear... "I like four wheelers" I have to nip this in the bud and find a suitable bike for him before he falls in with the wrong crowd.
  9. Very tame bike in stock form. Very good starter. I had one but I put r cam and r pipe on it to wake it up. It was a fun bike.
  10. My wife and I just started fostering a just turned 13 year old last week. This kid has been through so much it would break your heart. I have been riding and racing for 15 years but we never had kids. I started my nephew riding and racing when he was about 9 on a klx 110 and then his Dad, a non rider took over and has supported his riding ever since. He is now a 19 year old A rider and a very good kid, I think in part to his parents telling him behave and get good grades or no dirt biking. My foster kid has shown interest in riding but has no experience what so ever. He's about 5'5" weighs about 225 lbs. He's going to be a big guy no matter what but I have got to get him involved in physical activity or he's gonna be obese his whole life. I am wondering if any one has a suggestion for a starter bike. Would a 4 stroke air cooled bike like a crf 150 or drz 125 with heavy springs be enough to haul him around on some very tame trails? I really want to share my love of riding with this kid and at the same time get him to fall in love with it so I can use it as a motivator for good behaviour. Any one who has ideas on this I would really appreciate hearing them. Thank you.
  11. barryh

    Cure for Yamaha-thumb?

    The donuts are the way to go if you get yamathumb. It stopped it from being a problem for me. I have ridden different brand bikes over the years and never got blisters on my thumbs until I got my yz250f. I use cr high bend and ride with my elbows way up. I'm tall so that bend suits me for standing up.
  12. barryh

    What Brand Flywheel

  13. barryh

    Lets me beat a Dead horse for a sec.

    I am an over 50 c rider in enduros and b in hare scrambles in my state. Not a fast guy. I dont have a 10 but rather an 09. I have been riding it the last 3 years. It has factory connection suspension work, hand guards, a skid plate, rekluse pro start z and o-ring chain. Its been a great bike. The best and most money I have ever spent on a bike was the fc suspension work. I will keep this bike but my next one will be a yzfx. The gas mileage on my 250f is awesome too. I get over 80 miles to a stock tank. I highly recommend any yamaha yz250f.
  14. Mine gets about 80 miles to a stock tank when trail riding or hare scrambles. I just did two hours with gas to spare.
  15. barryh

    Wr250f mods for more hp

    I think cams will make the greatest difference. When I rode a Honda 250x back in 05 I put an R cam in it and it was like night and day. I had to put the R pipe on it too. It wouldn't run right with the stock pipe. I ride on 09 YZ 250F now and I am thinking of putting hot cams in it when I rebuild it this winter. Here in Central and Eastern Oklahoma we have allot of good tight single track to ride and the bike does fine but I know I would enjoy it more if it had more bottom end snap. I'm 51 and race my bike in Hare Scrambles and Cross Country Stuff. I also do allot of trail riding / racing with my Pals.