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  1. Happy Birthday djeeper!

  2. djeeper

    2012 Desert 100!

    Hey, at about 2:45 in your vid, I'm just to your right on the husaberg. A guy to my left went wild and took out the guy in front of me so I tipped over. Got going quick again though. Had a pretty good run, only got held up at the river on lap 1 for about 5 mins and passed a hell of a lot of people on the hills. Hurt my hand bad on the second lap though and that slowed me a lot. Great time though. Thanks to the SJMC for another great event.
  3. djeeper

    Adapting to lousy gas

    The idea is sound. Keeping the bike at reasonable compression ratios will certainly help with the problem of poor gas. In this case just keep in mind that you want to build a long distance machine not a race winner and you should end up with a sound engine. As others have said if you look on advrider you will see there have been many long distance drz's all over the world.
  4. djeeper

    dieing in water?

    Did it die when you stood up? Most of the time it dies because the side stand switch isn't disconnected and the bike turns off when you stand up and hit it with your boot. Otherwise your carb vents might be hanging low in the water and killing your engine. I had that problem with another bike. Cheers
  5. djeeper

    rally Z's

    For the dakar rally, quite a bit of drinking water needs to be carried on the bikes and some skid plates are used as tanks for that. Also used as tool compartments as the riders aren't allowed to have tools on their body in a lot of rallies.
  6. djeeper

    Kick starter install...Need help

    Your easiest bet would be to just find a fastener store. Take the old screw with you and they can find them for you. Up here we have fastenal, acklands, etc. The kicker is a great addition to the bike if you plan on playing in the back country.
  7. djeeper

    Everybody agrees...loud saves lives!

    Maybe they could put a baseball card in the spokes?
  8. djeeper

    Kickstart kit vs. Jumpstart

    -Bottom of some rock strewn gully. You need a boost and now your buddy is stuck too. And if you ever take your bike for a swim you can kick all the water out and then have the electric leg ready to start the bike once you put the spark plug back in. There's a 1000 reasons to not bother and a couple of fantastic reasons to put it on.
  9. djeeper

    GoldSpeed pre cut slicks

    Legal or not you will be absolutely F@#C$%^ when it rains. Look on Youtube for bike races when it starts to rain. Also check out the compound. Race tires are great- when warm and riding quick on the street and stopping at a light isn't going to do that for you. You'll probably find they are worse on the street for you than a good grippy sport compound tire.
  10. djeeper

    Do you use the clutch?

    This is actually the first bike that I've used the clutch all the time on. Sometimes on ugly trails though I don't. But I've quickly picked up using it all the time on the street.
  11. djeeper

    DRZ400s vs RZ350???

    I own both. The RZ is a great machine but when you tune them up they have nothing in the low rev range. The DRZ is a lot easier to ride around town and cut in and out of traffic especially if the roads are in poor condition. It's height and seating position gives you a much better view around. The RZ on the other hand is a sleeper lots of the squids you meet on the road 4 wheel and 2 wheel don't know what a 2 stroke is any more. The thing sounds funny and it smokes and it's SMALL -so really how fast can it go? It's fun to stomp on them. The road has to be tight and twisty though. Have you ridden a bike like it though? Most guys I know hate going from a 4 stroke -esp a sport bike to the 2 strokes. The 4 strokes are much easier to ride.
  12. djeeper

    Raced a 50th Anniv. R1 today.

    I think the thing is -the bike is so slow that it makes you ride like a complete hole just to have a good time. I love mine anyways.
  13. djeeper

    Raced a 50th Anniv. R1 today.

    Was the R1 tied down in the back of a pick-up? That or out of gas is the only chance you would have had.
  14. djeeper

    kick starter on electric start

    Very easy to kick over without decomp. Just make sure you follow the instructions in Mr Cob's gallery. There is a clamp over one of the gears that you need to put back on for it to work. Suzuki's instructions don't mention it at all. Cheers
  15. djeeper

    My SM is gonna get filty

    Well, I got the dirt wheels on and went for a bit of a ride on the weekend. The first pic is how the back looked after going for a bit of a swim, just to see if the camera survived. Stinkin sunken logs. The others are after it got home and hosed off a bit. Kenda DOT tires work pretty well, but not on mossy rocks or really soupy mud. I'll probably use them till they wear out. I love having these wheels on. I'll swap them back for the SM ones in the spring but for the winter these are great fun. My mileage seems to have gone up with the new gearing as well. But maybe cause I'm not going as fast all the time. Also for anyone who has swapped the speedo drive over to the S drive when swapping wheels does your speedo cable run back like mine? The SM drive doesn't seem to twist it back so far as this does.