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  1. tejohnson

    Going to 17's need Help

    I'm going to go to 17" rims on my 2001s. The search is disabled so I thought someone could give me a quick answer to a couple of Q's What sizes front and rear? Any Mods required with stock hubs other than a sprocket change? Thanks for the help in advance
  2. tejohnson

    Wheelies revisited...

    Its all about skill (which I dont have).......check out www.thwwheelieking.com.......this guy could wheelie a kz1300 touring bike....until the tail light touched the groud. The site is down now so I couldnt link it but its well worth a look.
  3. tejohnson

    torque with planned mods

    im lazy I guess.....i just didnt want to pull the whole top end apart...its a much bigger job than just pulling the cam cover, I assume......I may save it for winter
  4. tejohnson

    torque with planned mods

    I have an 03S with 3x3, k&n, Muzzy full system and stock gearing. I ride exclusively on the street. I'm in the process of installing an fcr (with "burned" recommended jetting) and stage 1 hot cam with E exhaust. I'm a little worried about torque with this combination, given the lower compression of my S engine. My 01E with stage one hot cam does great, but I'm wondering if ill get similar results with my S. Any Thoughts?
  5. tejohnson

    Jetting advice

    Thanks for the help. Im sure you get tired of answering these questions, but it really helps us dummies to have acsess to someone with experience with these bikes. everything ive done in the past has been large displacment inline 4s (Kaws), so these little 4 valve singles are new to me....lots of fun though. Could you post a link to dyno data for my combo?
  6. tejohnson

    Jetting advice

    2002 400e. wwhat is the stock jetting for this carb? what about the tps....this carb is tps equipped, sould i use it or leave it unpulugged?
  7. tejohnson

    Jetting advice

    Bike now has 134 main, needle in#4, feul screw at about 3.5 out. This is with stock s cams. im doing the cams and fcr together. the bike is alittle lean off the needle now I was going to move the needle up, then a ran onto this fc, so i decided to do it all.
  8. tejohnson

    Jetting advice

    Im installing an fcr from an E 03S. Ive already done a muzzy full system, k&n, 3x3, and stage one hot cam intake with E exhaust cam. Elevation is 600 ft. Any reccomendations on jetting to optimize this set up?
  9. tejohnson

    Rear Shock E vs S

    What are the the differences in an E and S rear shock and spring, and will they interchange?
  10. tejohnson

    MUZZY melted turn signal

    I Used DR650 signals mounted on the tail light housing. They have a rubber insert in the stalk so they are flexible. they look good and work properly with the stock flasher. Ill try to post a pic.
  11. tejohnson

    PANAMAN where are you?

    I sent you a PM reply but your mailbox is full. Ill take the seat. PM me an address and ill send you a money order.
  12. tejohnson

    Questions after mods

    I have an 03S with 3x3, DJ, 14t countershaft sprocket, and muzzy full system with quiet core. The thing is still pulling like a train when it hits the rev limiter in the first 4 gears......what are my options? I would like to increase the rev limit by 1000-1500 rpm. I have an 01E model...are the rev limiters different? Will I run into valve spring trouble or any other problem by increasing rpm? God I LOVE this motorcycle.....this is the first light bike ive owned or ridden on the steet, and Im sold on the concept....if you just THINK about turning, this thing turns.....amazing
  13. tejohnson

    online source for a corbin seat

    How much.....and where are you located in Ohio? Im in Ashland, Ky. on the southern border of Ohio
  14. tejohnson

    online source for a corbin seat

    Any one know of a good online source for a corbin seat for a drz? Maybe some one has a used onr for sale?
  15. tejohnson

    How many MILES are on your DRZ? Problems complaints?

    01e, 03s, lots of mods on both. Mileage unknown on e, s has 1500. No complaints......still trying to drag a peg on the s model....ill get it before the summer is over