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  1. pompey-woods

    YZ250F Sprocket Nightmare

    Hi, I am creating a Supermotard conversion of my 2001 YZ250F which I plan to use mainly on the streets for now. I know the 250 is going to struggle speed wise and I am looking for a definitive guide to what sprockets to use that wont sacrifice grunt. I have search this forum and am going nuts with the combinations available. I am not racing this but would like not to be overtaken by scooters and old ladies riding their push bikes to the shops. What would you suggest? and what are my expectations do you think for performance in general? Graham
  2. pompey-woods

    Supermoto Wheels

    Thanks for your help with this. I have the 5" rims and will be getting tyres (tires for you americans) put on next week. I am probably getting 120 Front and 160 or 165 for rear. Does this sound right
  3. pompey-woods

    Supermoto Wheels

    Hi,I am new to this forum and am looking for some advice. I have a 2001 yzf250 which I have currently stripped and am looking to create a supermoto. Before we go any further : Yes I know the WRF would have been the better option but I already had the YZF so I have a bigger task to face. My question is about the wheels at present. I am looking at getting Talon Hubs with Excel rims in the standard 17" size. The dilema i face is will the 5" rear fit into the swinging arm with a tyre and all the break brackets etc fitted or will I need the 4.25" wheel. I have a good price on the 5" wheel so I am hoping that this will be workable. Has anyone out there done this already and if so what tyres did you fit on the rear. Any guidance would be appreciated.