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  1. kxkid2

    FMF Powerbomb header

    I have the Powerbomb and the 4.1 and the bike has a ton of low end and a crap load of pull. For the desert it is great and it works good in the tight stuff.
  2. kxkid2

    time for synthetic?

    I am trying to figure out how you all go so long for a valve adjustment. I get maybe a few ride and a race and I have to have mine done.
  3. kxkid2

    fmf exhaust

    I run the Powerbomb with the 4.1 can and it is the best thing next to re-jetting it. And as far as the power you get a whole lot more.
  4. kxkid2

    Has Any One Re-geared Their Klx Yet

    If you race District 37 desert or BITD the best set up is 14/48. I run it and it was ok for Laughlin BITD. I talked to Destry Abbott and he said at 14/48 top end is around 90 and that is as fast as that bike will go. I was running 15/48 till he told me and it is true. the 15 up front slowed the bike down and stalled a lot more.
  5. kxkid2

    KLX Popping and Backfiring

    Most likely its your jetting. mine did this till I got it right. I put in what JD said but not what it said if you had a open airbox and after-market exhaust. I re-did it to what it said for that and turned out my fuel screw a lil more and it runs great. I do have a 48 pilot to put in and it will get even better.
  6. kxkid2

    KLX Exhaust

    Go with the FMF Mega or Powerbomb header and the Q4 since you ride in the forest. You will notice a lot. I have the PowerBomb and the 4.1 but I ride in the open desert.
  7. kxkid2

    Big guys with KLX450R?

    I am 6'4'' 280 and have tall bars and going to get a tall seat and it will be perfect. I had the sus done and it is perfect. And it does 92.
  8. kxkid2

    Recommendation for bigger gas tank?

    I have the IMS 3.2 and the Works Connection Rad cages. I would recommend getting rad cages, they are stronger and divert the impact around the rads.
  9. kxkid2

    KLX450R lacking in high speed...

    Not true for the KLX anything more than 14 48 and the bike actually gets slower. I talked to Destry and after doing it myself before he told me I ran 15 48 and it only did around 85-90. After he told that I put a 14 up front and left the 48 got 91 out of it. I have the JD jet kit air box mod power bomb header and 4.1 muffler. With those mods I have to run VP street blaze or better other wise it knocks like no other. And my bike was for BITD, till I crashed at Vegas to Reno on day 3 running second Iron Man Ami on my KTM breaking my left arm again and separating my shoulder.
  10. kxkid2

    Anyone Running 14t sprocket up front?

    I have a 06 KTM 450 EXC that is at 13 51 now and works great and does 92 or so. On my 09 KLX I am running 14 48 and love it over my KTM any day of the week. Does 91 and works everywhere.
  11. kxkid2

    Racing the KLX 450.

    I love my bike for BITD Races. I had my sus redone since I am 270-280 all tricked out for desert and the bike just rips. Geared 14/48 does 91 but also works great in the tight stuff. Jetting, sus are the 2 big things for racing and starts. Then there is the GPR the FMF IMS Bars sprockets so on and so forth.
  12. kxkid2

    200lb + riders?

    I am 6'3" 280. Had Earl Schuler do my suspension and it is perfect, stock is ment for light weights. I also added a JD jet kit and Full FMF 4.1 with powerbomb. I also geared it to go 91 GPR IMS DRY BREAK Bigger bars SDG tall seat is next so on and so forth.
  13. kxkid2

    Has anyone mounted a GRP V4 with an Acerbis 3.3?

    I have with my IMS and I dont use that front mount plate for the tank.
  14. kxkid2

    chain guide

    I love my BRP one.
  15. kxkid2

    Klx 450r

    I have the power bomb and 4.1 with 14/48 sprockets and the GPS show 91. The power that the FMF EX gives over the stock is a night and day difference. Along with proper jetting.