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  1. matt5doc

    Entiat Devils Backbone

    HI, Rode from Goose Creek CG to 25mi Creek weekend before last. Pot's peak is open but over-grown in parts of the trail. I was told that 25mil creek trail is washed out and inpassable. Talked to a couple of guys on the trail that had checked it out. Watch out for the twigs on pots peak. I thought my sides were split open a couple of times and left with a nice hikky. Hope this helps
  2. matt5doc

    Forarm pump and vasodialators

    LOL Yeah I figured it would come around to that.... I mean it's hard not to....no pun intended
  3. Hi All, I've heard that forarm pump is from vascular restriction during long term muscle contractions. If this is true, will a vasodilator like a herbal viagra work? Has anyone heard of this? Of course the herbal type wouldn't be as strong as the perscription and therefore not have the "other" affects that wouldn't neccessarly be wanted while rideing. I know it sounds kinda strange, but was just woundering.
  4. matt5doc

    Shelton Valley Enduro--Post Event Reports

    Thanks to the club. The long course was a blast. Myself and two buds weren't on the clock, just enjoying the ride. We all had a blast. The folks at the check points were GREAT. Thanks for the gas and water. We will be back next year!!!