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  1. bodge

    Is MMI and good?

    Sounds like you have a good thing going there!
  2. bodge

    Is MMI and good?

    What kind of mechanic are you? I agree that some mechanics do well, but not power sports. Sounds like you are doing well. How many people work under you now?
  3. bodge

    Trailriding Maine

    The hammer run has a secondary sign up on 10/15/18 at 10 am. See the ecea Facebook page. They got permission for some more spots. Not sure how many more. That Maine riding looks awesome!
  4. bodge

    Trailriding Maine

  5. bodge

    Is MMI and good?

    I think you misunderstood that. He said “enough money to live” which is what is required to live comfortably. Going for a job entirely for the money can make you miserable though so you are right there. People should find work that they are comfortable doing and provides enough money to live. A powersports tech might make money during the peak of the year but it won’t be much unless they are in a good spot. Then during the winter the work drys up or if a recession hits.....
  6. Had to cut 2 links off here for my 17 250xc.
  7. bodge

    Kx100 Super High Idle

    Sounds like it’s lean on the pilot jet or an air leak.
  8. bodge

    Kx100 Super High Idle

    Does it stop when the engine is warmed up? If so it’s pretty common. Not sure why it happens but when I experience this I just tap the kill switch until it behaves.
  9. bodge

    Motocross Boots and Mud

    You could try the enduro soles if the boots you have offer them. Otherwise I find it easier to get back on the bike after a spill. [emoji848]
  10. Spooge is from rich jetting not too much oil.
  11. bodge

    Goggles in the rain

    I use safety goggles and a sock (closed end cut off) on my right arm to wipe them. Works for me.
  12. I have the same brace and use the leatt hydro pack/chest protector and don’t have this problem. Could you adjust the back plate of the neck brace with one of the optional rubber things the brace comes with. It sounds like the neck brace is too high in the back.
  13. bodge


    Sc1 or ardex detailing spray. New plastics are best though.
  14. Sounds like a cold engine. It’s probably too rich at that throttle position. Are you able to ty a different map?
  15. bodge

    250 xcw vs 300 xcw

    Pds is why I went with the Xc vs xcw. I have never ridden a bike with pds that I liked.