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  1. mndirtrider

    Huntersville Trail Ride 2011

    No problems Shagger! That was my wife and I in the clear cut section. She was moving over for you and I think just bobbled a little bit as you were going by. She did not have a problem with your pass, clear cut sections just suck! I have to admit though, this is a complaint we have had in the past at trailrides. The faster riders do need to learn to be patient, just because you yell doesn't mean they are going to pull over right away. My wife waits until she is at a spot she is comfortable to pull over before letting people by. It's not a race where an extra minute riding behind a slower rider is going to ruin your day, but it sure can ruin the slow riders day. I have had to leave trail rides early because my wife was intimidated by riders trying to race past her. It did happen to her in another section of the trail where the guy passing her almost wrecked her because he didn't wait for her to pull over and tried to go around on the same side she was pulling over and almost made her crash. It's probably lucky I didn't find out who it was or see him later in the day because we may have had words and he probably would've beat me up... We also had this issue at Thielman when riding with the little kids. I guess there is no way to avoid it, we all just need to be more patient.
  2. mndirtrider

    2010 TXC250 Low-end power

    I have a 2010 TXC250 and while it has enough low end to get you going. I put the Leo Vince on mine and a power commander to get rid of the bog off idle on the 2010. My guess is, it's the bog off idle that you are experiencing. While the bike doesn't have the low end of an old CRF250x I had, it's not supposed to... The TXC is the hybrid moto/offroad bike comparable to a KTM XC instead of XCW. It's made to be shifted. So far I love my bike, and I'm getting used to the shifting. Coming from a KTM 250XCW that I hardley ever needed to shift in the woods I'm getting there...
  3. mndirtrider

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    I'm an computer programmer working on PeopleSoft HR systems for an aerospace and defense company.
  4. mndirtrider

    Power Commander vs iBeat for EFI remapping?

    Thanks for the info, I'm ordering a Power Commander today. I'll have to save up for the autotune later.
  5. I have a 2010 TXC 250 that doesn't seem to be running correctly. There is a bog off idle. It's not one of the early VIN numbers so I don't think it needs reflashed. My dealer is 3 hours away so it's hard to bring it in for tuning so I want to get something I can tune myself. Which is the better, easier software for $300, the Power Commander or the iBeat? I'm new to Husky and EFI so I'm not sure which direction to go. The bike is pretty sweet though even with the slight bog off the bottom.
  6. mndirtrider

    Kayaba 48mm Triple Clamp Tightening Torque

    I checked the owners manual and I thought it was telling me to set it at something in the 20's. The owners manual is a little confusing with the torque settings. I thought it was too much and just set it to 17 like my KTM.
  7. mndirtrider

    Rekluse in a 2010 TXC 250?

    Do you know the part number for it? The Rekluse website doesn't list the TXC250, only the 450/510.
  8. mndirtrider

    Rekluse in a 2010 TXC 250?

    Anyone running a Rekluse in a TXC 250? The Rekluse site lists one for the TE/TC250 and I'm wondering if it would fit the TXC?
  9. mndirtrider

    Who is racing the Stone Lake HS July 11th?

    B class rides for 2 hours, duh... You shouldn't be hanging out in C, more ride time in B. I've seen the pictures of you clearing that uphill triple there. If you can do that you shouldn't be in C class. It was a good race and I'm glad the rain stayed away until the end of the A/B race. Although it sure was cold and wet packing up the scoring gear in a torrential downpour! Good thing it didn't last long.
  10. mndirtrider

    Who is racing the Stone Lake HS July 11th?

    Yeah, I saw that. I was just trying to get you riled up. Leave it to the DNR to list 2 different dates on the website. NEWP - He for sure was flying on it. I told Tawnia she should be able to ride it like that too, but she disagrees. I think she likes seeing her bike out there during the race. Maybe it will get her to race, but doubtful.
  11. mndirtrider

    Who is racing the Stone Lake HS July 11th?

    Maybe it's because you shouldn't have been riding there in the first place? The trails have been closed due to the water since 6/24. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/trailconditions/listing.html Nemadji State Forest Forest is OPEN, but TRAILS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to wet conditions. 320-245-6789 06/24/2010
  12. mndirtrider

    Who is racing the Stone Lake HS July 11th?

    You have to shift up when your bike starts screaming! I think you're just getting too fast for the 200, maybe it's time for a 300 or a 450... You could also borrow Tawnia's 200. It's won the Vet A at 2 races this year. But it does have a Rekluse. We'll be camping Saturday night. Hopefully it's not too hot and muggy, we don't have a generator that runs the air conditioning.
  13. mndirtrider

    Who is racing the Stone Lake HS July 11th?

    I will be there of course, we have to bring the scoring equipment! The other thread is correct. The Hare Scramble is TOTALLY different than the enduro. I don't think the HS last year even used any of the enduro trail. It was about 6.5 miles long including the moto track and it was mostly open stuff, either atv trail or open single track. I think there was only 1/2 to 1 mile of tighter single track, but not all of it together. If people skip it because of the enduro, like many did last year, they will be missing out on a really good HS. My daughters also thought it was a blast last year and are looking forward to next weekend.
  14. mndirtrider

    Where is an easy place to take my newbie wife to ride this weekend?

    Labor Day weekend my family and quite a few others go up to Huntersville to do trail work/ride/canoe. Usually it's more ride and play than work depending on the storms. That would be a good place and time to bring the wives and little ones. My wife and girls get their section cleared fairly quickly and then just ride. Something to keep in mind if anyone wants to go. We wouldn't expect you to work, you could just ride.
  15. mndirtrider

    Who is racing the Staples HS this Sunday?

    I think I should've kicked Dan in the nuts. He's getting the 2 wheels stuff figured out and had a great ride to 2nd place yesterday! I didn't see him at all. I might need to work on my fitness a little, Dan and the others are starting to leave me behind even though I ask them to wait up!