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    What to burn in camp fires....

    Used tires and garbage, and used motor oil to get her going !!!!!!! Is a great way to spend a little quality time in a 10 by 10 cell.
  2. I have about 170,000 on my Expedition and I haul the bikes and the boat no problems:ride:

    Quad hits a Semi-Trailer.

    The only one I feel sorry for is the kid. The rest of them are idiots. The only thing that was missing was a big cooler full of beer strapped on the front. Wait that might have worked like an air bag. Sounds like a great safety feature. And definately cheaper than a helmet.

    Vintage Cr-250 Fuel Mix Question

    Thanks for your help I hope to be burning fuel this weekend

    What the hell is this!?!

    If it's not leaking, it isnt a problem,I agree they are casting marks

    Vintage Cr-250 Fuel Mix Question

    Hi, I just bought a 1982 Cr-250 literally in boxes, as a project bike . My question is, the manual I have states to run 20:1 with leaded fuel !!! What is a safe mix to run on unleaded fuel?????? Thanks for the help.

    Grant vs. Villopoto

    Sounds like they are use to running into each other

    Grant vs. Villopoto

    Wow, Did'nt think Grant was like that. I would expect that out of Lawrence,especially if it was Dungey.

    1982 Cr 250 Jetting

    Thank you for you help!!!
  10. MOTOFREAK417

    1982 Cr 250 Jetting

    Thanks for the reply Eddie, I was concerned with it being bored .040 over that it might be way lean along with the fact that the piston was melted when I pulled it apart. Thanks for the help, John
  11. Hi, I just bought a 1982 cr-250 as a project bike,it is the first year for water cooled. It has been bored .040 over and still has the factory pipe on it . My question is what would be a good starting point for jetting?When I got it the piston was melted from what I will assume was a way lean condition . I am at about 750 ft and will be used primarily in the summer months (80 degrees + Fahrenheit). Thanks for your help
  12. MOTOFREAK417

    Missouri riders

    I am in Desoto , about 25 minutes to St Joe. Anybody been to Washita ( I think thats what its called) in Farmington ?
  13. MOTOFREAK417

    drz125 valve clearance

    How about a tick at idle. which means the valve lash is to loose not to tight.Either way use a feeler guage and check and adjust them.
  14. MOTOFREAK417

    230 problems......

    Lets get back to basics, How old is the fuel ? If the pilot is clogged it would only run with the choke on, so I doubt that is it. If the carb is boiling over ( too much fuel) it should clear out at high rpm !!! Any work done to the bike before these conditions started? Let us know !!!!!!!!!!
  15. MOTOFREAK417

    Am I too large for crf230?

    I don't know there slim, you may need to bulk up a little. I'm 6'2 and 235lbs and the 230 chases the kids pretty well. Put the BBR front and rear springs on and a rejet,air box mod and exhaust baffle removal and maybe some tall bars to give you some room. It will land jumps pretty well but watch the flat stuff. Still a lot cheaper then a 250r or x . Sounds like your out for fun anyway