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  1. Used tires and garbage, and used motor oil to get her going !!!!!!! Is a great way to spend a little quality time in a 10 by 10 cell.
  2. I have about 170,000 on my Expedition and I haul the bikes and the boat no problems:ride:
  3. The only one I feel sorry for is the kid. The rest of them are idiots. The only thing that was missing was a big cooler full of beer strapped on the front. Wait that might have worked like an air bag. Sounds like a great safety feature. And definately cheaper than a helmet.
  4. Thanks for your help I hope to be burning fuel this weekend
  5. If it's not leaking, it isnt a problem,I agree they are casting marks
  6. Hi, I just bought a 1982 Cr-250 literally in boxes, as a project bike . My question is, the manual I have states to run 20:1 with leaded fuel !!! What is a safe mix to run on unleaded fuel?????? Thanks for the help.
  7. Sounds like they are use to running into each other
  8. Wow, Did'nt think Grant was like that. I would expect that out of Lawrence,especially if it was Dungey.
  9. Thank you for you help!!!
  10. Thanks for the reply Eddie, I was concerned with it being bored .040 over that it might be way lean along with the fact that the piston was melted when I pulled it apart. Thanks for the help, John
  11. Hi, I just bought a 1982 cr-250 as a project bike,it is the first year for water cooled. It has been bored .040 over and still has the factory pipe on it . My question is what would be a good starting point for jetting?When I got it the piston was melted from what I will assume was a way lean condition . I am at about 750 ft and will be used primarily in the summer months (80 degrees + Fahrenheit). Thanks for your help
  12. I am in Desoto , about 25 minutes to St Joe. Anybody been to Washita ( I think thats what its called) in Farmington ?
  13. How about a tick at idle. which means the valve lash is to loose not to tight.Either way use a feeler guage and check and adjust them.
  14. Lets get back to basics, How old is the fuel ? If the pilot is clogged it would only run with the choke on, so I doubt that is it. If the carb is boiling over ( too much fuel) it should clear out at high rpm !!! Any work done to the bike before these conditions started? Let us know !!!!!!!!!!
  15. I don't know there slim, you may need to bulk up a little. I'm 6'2 and 235lbs and the 230 chases the kids pretty well. Put the BBR front and rear springs on and a rejet,air box mod and exhaust baffle removal and maybe some tall bars to give you some room. It will land jumps pretty well but watch the flat stuff. Still a lot cheaper then a 250r or x . Sounds like your out for fun anyway