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  1. Pete, Thanks a bunch for the advice on checking out the 3x3 mod. I found something on youtube that was very informative. Before I go putting everything back to stock, I think I'm going to open up the air box like the video suggests. As it is now, instead of a gaping hole atop the air box, there are just several holes drilled, but all of the carburetor mods as suggested in the video were done. It might be that the bike isn't getting ample air for the new needle/jets and that is causing both the bogging and the poor gas mileage. I would be happy with anything above 50 mpg. Thanks for the tip on the muffler, I'll check that out too. Grins, Todd
  2. Pete, When I said drilling the airbox, I was going by something else I read on some post somewhere. Basically, the top of the airbox has several holes in it, and I thought that I read somewhere that these were drilled out as part of some performance modification. I will definitely look up the 3x3 mod on google and see what I find. I know from looking at buying a new airbox that a stock box doesn't have these holes in it. Anyway, as for the silencer, yes, I was talking about the muffler. I'm not sure what you mean about the end cap, though. Perhaps I will learn about that in my research of the 3x3 drz. On other fronts, since you are happy with your mod, what kind of gas mileage are you getting now? Since I am planning a cross country trip, mileage is very important to me, and I am currently getting 45 if doing 50mph or less and about 30-35 if doing 65+. That is just not acceptable on a 2.5 gallon tank. On my first test run across Tennessee, I ran out of gas twice.
  3. Pete, Thanks for all of your input. I will search the site more thoroughly noting your variables. The air box has been drilled and the stock carb definitely has a DynoJet Needle and Jet setup. The exhaust is stock, though...which surprises me. I didn't think it was good to do the air box drilling without replacing the silencer. Todd
  4. Do you have your stock jets? I bought a used DRZ400 and don't care for the DynoJet mod. It eats gas like a monster and bogs down when I nail the throttle. I'd love to purchase the jets you replaced with the DJ mod. Let me know. Glad it's working for you, though
  5. Steve, I've got an older 2001 xt225, which I doubt is any different than the newer ones, but I agree that it's a worthy machine. I've not done any performance mods to mine. It's not terribly quick at all, but will manage any trail with it's great low end torque and light weight. I've got about 20,000 miles on mine (did a 3-month tour of the US/Canada on the little guy) and it still is a very reliable machine today. I don't agree about being able to d0 70+ mph, but perhaps mine isn't tuned that well. I found 60+ to be tops, depending on wind conditions. Also, I'd say that 65 mpg is more realistic...but again, perhaps a better tuned machine would be more efficient. Aesthetically, you'll look odd on the little machine, I know that at 6' tall, I dwarf the bike and look kinda funny! Anyway, all in all, I'd recommend the bike. It's definitely the easiest bike I've ever ridden and totally maintenance free. Hope that helps, Todd
  6. Again, regarding the ammo boxes, if you decide to go that route, I'd recommend using army surplus Mermite food storage boxes instead of ammo boxes. All of the ammo boxes I've ever seen are steel and VERY heavy. The mermite cans are made of aluminum and are much lighter. Now, the process of extracting the insulation isn't a fun process, but worth the effort.
  7. If you decide to go the ammo box route, I highly recommend the sw-motech quick-lock side racks. I got mine at They're not cheap, $210, but I found it worth the buck. What I especially like is that most of the rack remains attached to the ammo box, and not the bike, so when you remove them, the bike is mostly bare of the mounting hardware. I can send pics of my DR650
  8. As with others, please post again after you've taken a long ride and let us know if it was money well spent. I'm all about minimizing cost, so $60 sounds great, but want to make sure you feel the result was a good one. Thanks.
  9. Agreed on the horribly uncomfortable seat. I rode a Yam xt225 cross-country and didn't complain a bit. Just bought The DR and it has my arse in pain after 40 miles or so. I'd really like to know how the modified seat feels after a 200+ mile day if you ever do that. Thanks.
  10. Yater, is your bike all stock?
  11. Hooligan & Klas, thanks for your input. I certainly won't be wasting money on premium fuel anymore. Also, I'm feeling a little better about the mileage situation. I guess a bigger tank might be in order before this summer's trip.
  12. Just finished off another tank and am up from 36 to 41 mpg. That still seems low for the kind of riding I do. I swear I don't ride that hard, except wheelies up the driveway occasionally when I get home. Another thought I had was octane rating of the gas. Anyone have any idea if there is a relationship between octane rating and mileage? My guess is that everyone is running premium. Maybe I just need to settle to the fact that I'm not gonna get the kind of mileage I did from my "scooter" XT225 Yam. PS This is a very informative site, thanks to all members.
  13. Thanks for your input, brianwheelies. I'm in Atlanta, GA. I guess that would make the elevation around a couple hundred feet. My major concern isn't so much that the mileage is low, I'm more worried that the low mileage is an indication that the mods made are detrimental to the machine.
  14. I just bought an '05 DR650 and am experiencing the exact same problem. First measured tank came out at 36mpg. The previous owner put in a dynojet kit 160 main jet with an open top air box and k&n filter. The exhaust is stock. He also replaced the 15T front sproket with 14T. I was appauled with that mileage, especailly since it was all road travel and half was highway. Guess I'll check the plugs to see if it's running too rich. I read through all of the posts and didn't see that you got any definite answers. Please post anything you learn about this, and I'll do the same. So far, it sounds like going back to stock specs might be the best idea, but don't know how that will degrade the performance of the bike, since I bought it already modified.