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  1. hello i have an wr 450 '07 with an DRD pipe and an DG jet kit the bike makes alot of power but on top speed it bogs like it is runing out of fuel . is there some wires that i must cut or someting that must take out can some one give me some mods for the new wr thanks for any help
  2. hi i got the wife an yfz 450 last week and i fitted the factory 4 fmf pipe ( just the back piece ) we are about 4500 feet above sea level and there is still the standard jet 155 main in the crab but it does not rev all that nice so can u tel me what do you think must i do ,must i go bigger to an 170 main and if i play with the needle what Will it do if i go up and if i go down thanks for any help
  3. roan

    yfz 450 help

    i think that you call it cross country there by you ( 50 % flat track & 30% jumps & 20 % rocky stuff ) i am now looking at the Elka with long travel a arms
  4. roan

    Yamaha yfz 450 help

    hi i have an knew YFZ 450 '06 what is the best suspension that you get for it and what do you think about the ishock suspension ( www.ishock.com) the best one thay have can you let me know thanx for all the help ------------------------------------------ wr450f '06 YFZ 450 '06 Ltz 400 '06
  5. roan

    LTR450 Vs. YFZ450

    I'm in the same spot ( don't know what to get ) but i have to say that the LTR is the best looking but we all know that Yamaha makes the best bikes and there are so many things on it to make it soot your riding stile so I'm going for the YFZ
  6. roan

    Good off-road boots?

    Alpinestar tech 10 is the best boots for me
  7. hi this will sound stupid but my but (ass) is killing me on this long races is there something that i can do to make it better without spending to much money like on an new seat any riding tip like bicycle pants or 4 jocks ( underpants ) or any thing Thanks roan south Africa wr450f
  8. hi i have an wr 450f and i just want to know what do u think of the dunlop D707 or the Michelin M12 which one will give me more grip in an enduro race mixed Tirane and about 200 to 300 km long i have an race this weekend and i have got both tires and have not had Chance to test them so if you have any thing let me know please roan south Africa wr 450 f
  9. and i have an fmf tail on
  10. wr 450 ' 06 do you know what is wrong if on full throttle the bike starts to jerk and splatter mj 065 pj 48 needle # 4 (dynojet kit ) leak jet 40 std and 4200 abs temp 35 'c thanks
  11. same problem as you and i wish i never started to Fidel with the bike if you get yours fixed just let me know thanx roan '06 wr 450
  12. hi i just want to know if the dynojet kit is any good or not because you say you need an 168 main jet and thy say an 126 main jet and i have done the free mods but my throttle stop is missing can i just modify an normal bolt or must i get one from Yamaha any help please roan (wr 450 ) south Africa
  13. roan

    WR400/426/450 Jetting Database

    Model (400 - 426 - 450):450 Timing (WR-YZ):wr Main jet:168 Pilot Jet:48 Fuel screw (turns out):2 Needle model/Clip position:#4 Airbox lid (on or off):mod Pipe:FMF Altitude where you ride:4200 ABS Temperature where you ride:32-40 *C Degree of satisfaction:very happy
  14. roan

    06 WR450F Pipes

    yes they do and it will fit
  15. roan


    ok sorry it is an wr 450 so i can just plug it i dont need an removel kit