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  1. ahughes

    KTM250SX Pipe Cracking

    Man...that's a bummer to hear about you guys having the same issue, but I'm glad you guys could offer some input to me. Pfriebel, your pipe looks exactly like mine does. I did not know I could get it TIG welded..I figured the nickel (assuming it's Nickel) plating would prevent anyone from being able to weld it up. I'll have a look around the area where I live (Houston) and see if I can find someone willing to fix it and maybe even weld on some sheet metal to try to thicken up the trouble areas. Thanks again for the info. If anyone knows a good TIG welder in Houston, hook me up. Adam
  2. ahughes

    KTM250SX Pipe Cracking

    I have got an 09 250sx, with the 300SX kit on it and I have had two pipes go bad by cracking apart. The first was the stock pipe. A crack opened up on it right in the middle of the "U" after the pipe exits cylinder. I didn't crash, there's no impact damage (rocks, etc). So...I figured it was just a freak thing...so...I bought a PC pipe. It too cracked apart in the same area, only this time the welded seam came apart first, then spread around the diameter of the pipe. Again, no crash, no impact damage...it just cracked apart. I'm assuming engine vibration is literally rattling the pipe apart. So, I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue..I've rechecked all the rubber mounting brackets to make sure they're not too rigid and dissipate some of the engine vibration...nothing seems out of the ordinary with them... Does anyone else have any suggestions? I can't go on buying new pipes every couple of months...argh... Adam
  3. ahughes

    Wheel restoration

    RTR Precision Wheel Lacing will re-anodize them for you for about $125.00 if you send them just the rim. I can't speak to their work just yet, just sent my rims off today, but from their pictures thay seem to do good work. I'll let you know how mine came out.
  4. Man...we got our dish to work finally, and I have to say that I am pretty amazed at just how spot-on the aim has to be. Even the most minor of movements would make it go from a signal stregnth of 90 down to 0..just by barely moving it. I had no idea they were so position sensitive. Lesson learned. Thanks for all the advice from those who replied to my original post. Much appreciated. Adam
  5. Thanks guys. Our RV is an 89' and doesn't have the outsdie jack...but I am glad you guys brought up the potential problem. The wife and I were talking about getting a new travel trailer,, which likely would have one. We didn't get another chance to test out the Satellite dish after properly aiming it, so we're going to give that a shot this weekend...wish us luck.
  6. ahughes

    Am I an ASS

    While all the "buyer beware" stuff is true...if you knew about some mechanical problems and purposely witheld it so you could sell it i've got news for you, man, you might've sold it for a discounted price, but you're an ASS.
  7. OK, cool. Thanks for the help. Like I said, we're going to try it again tonight with a compass and try to get 'er working. I guess I just figured that if we got it marginally close that we would get at least a LITTLE signal. But, like you guys have been saying, and as some co-workers told me as well, apparently even being a little off will get you no signal at all. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something else I missing here... Thanks again...I'll let you know how it goes tonight...
  8. The wifey and myself got a portable satelite dish to use with our motorhome. It says that it is Direct TV compatible, so we planned on just taking our Direct TV receiver from our house and using it, with the portable dish, when we camped. Our problem is that we cannot get a signal at all on the portable dish. We set up the tri-pod with the portable dish in our backyard, plugged it all in, and aimed it where our existing dish is pointed (which gets a signal strength of about 92) and got absolutely no signal. So, we thought the signal receiver on the dish might be broken. We returned it and got naother, but still same problem; no signal. I called Direct TV and they were just about completely useless in helping us. So, my question here is, Am I missing something? Is the dish THAT sensitive that it has to be absolutely perfectly positioned in order to get a good signal? When we tried it while camping, we had it pointed to about 187 degrees +/- probably 5 degrees (we did not have a compass and were estimating our position based on the highway we were camped next to which runs North/South). Or, is there something else I am overlooking in order to make it work right? Thanks for the help. We're going to try again tonight at home using a compass to be more precise. But, like I said, I feel pretty confident that we should have had it positioned closely enough to get SOME signal.. Thanks, Adam
  9. ahughes

    Nissan Titan Owners...

    That's what I like to hear....
  10. ahughes

    Nissan Titan Owners...

    Thanks again for all the help. I picked my new 'baby' two nights ago and am loving it! We did get the 100k mile extended warranty; always worth the price IMO. I got the SE, 2WD with the towing package. The truck also came with 22's on it. I've never been the type to go out and buy rims/tires, but I really liked the look of the bigger wheels. So far the only thing that is sort of bugging me is that it seems like the seats should be about a 1/2" lower than they are. But, then again, I've been driving my 02 Frontier for the last 4 years. Also, like someone else said, the gas mileage so far seems to be hovering around 16-17 mpg, which is about what I got in my Frontier (18-19 mpg). But, I've been easy of the gas pedal, and all the miles were highway miles to Louisiana from Houston. Thanks again, all! I'll post a pic soon.
  11. ahughes

    Nissan Titan Owners...

    Thanks fellas. I think I'm going to go ahead and step up to the Titan from my Frontier. I love my little truck, and almost hate to get rid of it, but the wife and I need some serious towing capacity. I found a blue SE 2wd, with the tow package, crew cab that I think will look just dandy in my driveway, and/or with the CRF tucked away nicely in the bed.
  12. I am thinking of trading in my 02 frontier for an 07 titan SE (with some financing, of course).... Just curious to hear some objective opinions from owners.. I 've got a pretty good idea that the gas mileage is crappy...but it is a full-size, so I kind of expected that...but what else? Comments on quality, maintenance, comfort, etc, etc?? Thanks
  13. ahughes

    Who's Been Ripped Off Using eBay

    I think you have to apply a little common sense to using ebay. I simply won't purchase big items on Ebay though. There is no way in hell you'll ever catch me paypal'ing or wiring some stranger a couple thousand bucks (or even a couple hundred bucks), regardless of the item or seller's previous rating. Stick to small-ticket items; hurts less when/if you get burned. Just my opinion..but, regardless of all of that, it is a shame that we even have to have this conversation when we live in a country where there are virtually limitless ways to make a legitimate living. You know?
  14. ahughes

    Survey: 06 CRF450R Owner Opinions

    I have to echo the thoughts of pretty much everyone else here; I got mine in Feb, and absolutely love it. Put a clean air filter in it every ride and change the oil /filter every two rides and you shouldn't have to do anything at all. Come to think of it, I don't think I have ever adjusted any of the clickers on the suspension. I have checked my valves twice in 60+ hours of riding and both times they were spot-on. Seriously, its an awesome bike, absolutely bullet-proof if you take the time to put good oil in it and do the regular maintainence, like you should anyways. A++
  15. ahughes

    Hydraulic Clutch Installation

    Cool. Thanks for the pics. I will have to get ahold of one of those. Thanks again for taking the time to post some pics for me, much appreciated.