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  1. I am currently rebuilding the engine on my 1983 XR350r and I am stuck with a small problem. The Clymer manual I am using says the counter balance shaft has to align properly with the crankshaft to properly balance the assembly. The first time I mounted the assembly with the marks on each shaft the counterbalance weights hit the connecting rod. So at this point I reheated the case popped both shafts out and this time installed the shafts so that the weights on the counterbalance are spinning away from the connecting rod as the assembly rotates. This seems to me to be the only way this setup will work without having clearance issues however I know if this shaft is not in the right relationship to the crankshaft it will balance worse then if the counterbalance was not there at all. When I rotate the assemblies now by hand as the counterbalance weights move away from the crank they are just about perfectly opposite of the crankshaft weights at mid rotation. Everything seems to rotate fine with no clearance problems however my Clymer manual just tells me that this is a job that only a Honda Dealer can perform without special tools(Hydralic press,etc.) I just put my case in the oven heat to 100 degrees celcius and leave the crank in the freezer. this makes the parts easily workable. I just don't know if I have got it right and I need to be sure the relationship these two shafts should be with each other. This procedure should be very similar in all these vintage RFVC engines but I have never done one before. HELP! P.s. What does everyone think about using Aftermarket versus OEM gaskets