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  1. Matt-UK

    1 of 4 New Pitster Pro models.....the X3R

    Hey pitster pro, Im from england and notice that www.monstermoto.co.uk are the UK version of your bike. Are you affiliated with them, and are these new bikes coming to england? thanks.
  2. Matt-UK

    110 Exhaust

    Any chance of a lil' video clip of the big poppa just for sounds like?
  3. Matt-UK

    pitster difference

    Over here they are called monster-motos. This page gives all info on the 05'. http://www.monstermoto.co.uk Think in the near future theyre upgrading the bike with a 12" rear too as standard!
  4. Matt-UK

    Serious poppage!

    Its for a 125 pit bike (pitster pro) crf50 pipes do fit dont they? Its straight uleaded 4stroke doesnt need mixing. cool avatar junkman.
  5. Matt-UK

    Serious poppage!

    Im really into that raw sounding exhaust note thats deep backfires and pops! can anyone guide me a link in the right direction, Loud, raw and popping the better! Im guessing the t4 but its a lot of bangers and mash.