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  1. lol.. sorry, that would be sweet though!!
  2. MIMB, good lookin bike! You'll really like it, great power and suspension. Unless you're running Arenacross or tight woods, the 12t sprocket will be too much. Run the 13t for a while and just play with the rear if needed. Most of all... ENJOY!!!!
  3. Hi all, I'm getting ready to do an engine rebuild on my 05 and need a service manual for some spec info. Anybody have one they dont need anymore? or know of a good source for a digital one? Rick
  4. I know its a late reply but there is a simple fix that can get you by for a bit or longer. Super glue!!! I had a pretty deep nick in the chrome on my bike and filled it with super glue, never had a problem after that. Take the edge down with a very fine file, use some fine grit sand paper to finish it up. Use carb cleaner to rid the nick of oil and filings, blow out with compressed air to make sure its clean and dry. Fill the nick with super glue and let it cure for as long as possible. Use some fine grit sand paper to remove the excess glue and blend to the contour of the tube and you're done! Sounds crazy but it worked for over a year of hard riding / racing and never had a problem.
  5. Thanks guys!!
  6. Hi all, Looking for torque specs for an 02 RM250, Linkage, shock, and steering stem nut. Thank in advance!
  7. Ha, I know where that is! You can see Texas stadium off in the distance when you're jumping.
  8. Actually that was a cool video. Just makes me realize how much I miss desert riding and racing.
  9. If you can't find anybody local and don't mind sending them out, call Alumin-art Plating in SoCal @ 909-983-1866. They do anodizing for Pro Circuit, Race Tech, RG3 and others. People send them parts from all over the states. Price is $57.50 (+ shipping) per wheel and that includes stripping the old anodize, polishing the rims and re-anodize any color you want. If you don't want them polished, I think he said $37.50. However if you you want them to look sweet, you want them polished before anodizing.
  10. Thats good they refused to anodize any cast aluminum parts. I have seen it and it looks horrible. IMO Rims should be Anodized, and any cast goes powder.
  11. Very cool, looks fun! I'm a little over an hour away and have yet ride there. Some day!
  12. Wow, awesome video!! So what fast look like going through the woods!
  13. Aww, should have figured that but it's been years since I been there.