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  1. Wicked Xtreme

    how you lock up your bike??

    First of all my garage is behind a fence with a picture of my Glock that states"I don't call 911". Under that there is a sign that says "I can make it to the gate in 3 seconds, can you?". Thats for my 130 pound German Shepard. My garage has security that is top notch. It has multiple features, such as multiple ups backup, fingerprint recognition. And anytime any of the doors are opened it sends a signal to my house phone and also an audible alarm tone. Many other features that I am not going to say. And the best is my nosey neighbors.
  2. Wicked Xtreme

    leatt customer service????

    I fixed the spelling, thanks. I just get concerned after spending 400 bucks that they would want more. And also I noticed that they are dropping the price to 200. Not sure when that's gonna happen. But hey, if it saves my ass, I'll do what I have to. I crash a lot.
  3. Wicked Xtreme

    leatt customer service????

    I know I'm bitch'n. If they charge me, can I bitch then?
  4. I just got my leatt brace last week and in the process of trying to adjust it, I was unable to remove one of the pins. I got one out no problem, but the other won't budge at all. Yes I did remove all the screws. I emailed leatt customer service and was hit with a reply that states that they have never had that problem before. I was told to send it back to them and they will contact me with what it needs to be repaired. Upon a second email I sent regarding "repairs", I asked if I was going to get charged for the repairs being that it is brand new. I was again informed that I would be informed about the repairs. I am not bashing them, but why would I be contacted with repairs? Shouldn't I just have it fixed and returned being that it wasn't broke or became stuck due to a crash. Sorry for the long post, but my chick is tired of me bitch'n to her. Thanks guys, thumpertalk is my therapy.
  5. Wicked Xtreme

    melted airbox!!!

    Just a quick update for anyone who cares. I got my bike back, the factory covered the cost of the airbox. It turned out that the bike ran to lean and that caused the exhaust to get to hot and melt the airbox and rear fender. So make sure your ride runs right. Safe riding.
  6. Wicked Xtreme

    How do you pay for your parts?

    local 3 electrician
  7. Wicked Xtreme

    Steering stabilizer for MX??

    what about this. http://www.cyclebuy.com/shopping/stabilizers/msportz_stabilizers.htm It looks cool also.
  8. Wicked Xtreme

    melted airbox!!!

    Just a quick update. I dropped the bike off at the shop. My guy there said that he never saw something like that before. Hopefully the factory will replace the airbox at no charge. I doubt it. lets see what happens.
  9. Wicked Xtreme

    melted airbox!!!

    nope. The exhaust and airbox are stock. Never had a problem. bought bike new. Should I pull the carb and see if the fuel gummed up. I don't see how it could in such a short time. I did forget to use sta-bil. Supposed to go riding saturday at ace. Hopefully I can make it.
  10. Wicked Xtreme

    melted airbox!!!

    thanks, I was concerned about water and crap getting into the airbox. For $100 I can get a new airbox assembly. I am going up to Hunter Motorcycles tomorrow and see what they have to say. I will keep you updated and post some pics tomorrow.
  11. Wicked Xtreme

    melted airbox!!!

    Background: Bike hasn't been started in about 5 months. I had knee surgery last year which prevented me from doing any riding. So I fire it up tonight, took about half hour to get it to run, sort of. It sounds like poo, pops shoots flames out the exhaust and stalls out. I am attributing the running problems to old crappy gas. Now here is the Question. After it "ran", I noticed smoke steadily rising from either side of the side plates. Upon removal I noticed the exhaust had melted the airbox. The exhaust and airbox are both stock. Never had this prob before. Now what would cause that and also, should I replace the airbox?? Not a large hole, but still a melted hole. The bike is an 06' 450. thanks.
  12. Wicked Xtreme

    My season is already over!!

    update!!! First day of P.T was today and man did it suck!!!!! Oh well, if it helps me heal faster I am gonna have to do it. The P.T said I am doing great, I already have about 100 degrees flex. I can't push it to straighten it out though, it may cause more damage. She did say with any luck and some hard work I will be back to work:cry: and back on the bike:thumbsup: in about 2 months. I might be able to dial in my suspension finally. Later
  13. Wicked Xtreme

    My season is already over!!

    I had an accident at work and blew out my knee. I didn't realize how bad it was until I went in for surgery this past Tuesday. But I did get to ride once to try out my 1000$ factory connection suspension and my rekluse. Both worked awesome, still need some adjusting though. Anyway, I was in the O.R for about 5 hrs as the doc hammered and drilled and all sorts of crap. Turned out he had installed 10 screws and some new wiring in my knee. And then to top it off, I get pneumonia and have to go back to the hospital. What a lousy week. I guess now I am going to be camera operator and spectator for a while. Ride safe and have a great season boys. Hopefully I can get one race in before the season closes, or I'm gonna move to my house in Fl. permanently.
  14. Wicked Xtreme

    05 yz450f Black?

    I have all black plastics on my 06' with custom graaphics made by xgx. I will post some pics tomorrow. I must say, it looks pretty bad ass. The only blue is a border around my numbers.
  15. Wicked Xtreme

    Looks like I got Scamed

    I just checked the member list and found something strange. how can this saskmx138 and sas701 or something, have the same amount of posts?? strange. Good luck finding him. And break his ******** jaw.