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  1. rmz450duner

    First Frustrating Hare Scramble

    These races are all about finishing. Someone can be faster than me, and many are, but they blow a turn,hill, wash, whatever and I go right by. A lot of the fast guys I ride with say race at 80%. That way always in control, not over your head, and let the wild guys go crazy and dnf. 1st thing they told me especially in a C race is never follow a guy up a hill. Make sure he makes it then go, always have a bail point incase you need to go around otherwise wait it out till you can.
  2. I used trees, sand, rocks, all seemed to do the job. HA HA
  3. rmz450duner

    Alpinestar boots

    I have buddies with the tech 10 and 7. both are unhppy with each. Seems they both have plastic in areas that pinch. I personnally love my 8's but may try the sg10 or the sidi's next. Also has anyone else had these problems with those boots?
  4. rmz450duner

    Long tight rocky downhills

    Well I used alot of front brake,back brake, anything to go slow. It was very tight single track and not only were there the baseball to bowling ball sized rocks there were large trees all the while being wet and slick. I guess I'll just have to sack up and let the clutch out and go for it. Trees dont hurt that bad do they.
  5. rmz450duner

    Duramax, Power Stroke, Power Wagon

    I tow a 30 toyhauler in the moutains in AZ and get 17 to 19 depending on where I'm going. Thats at 70-80 mph. Dodge still is best for towing in my opinion and most of my friends with chevys and fords. No its not the best interior or have the most goodies but it does what a diesal truck was made to do tow. By the way 19 to 21 in town.
  6. rmz450duner

    Help! 1st Hauler, Any Towing Pointers?

    On a new trailer especially check your lugs often. I check tires and lugs before each trip. Make sure you have a weight distribution hitch and sway control bar, it will make towing so much easier. Brake controller, no brainer but thought I'd mention. If it starts swaying dont use the truck brakes, pull the trailer brakes by hand and apply gas this will pull the trailer straight. Before leaving the place you bought it check that generator works, air works, generator runs air, water pump works, all plumbing works with no leaks, etc. Seems like alot but if things dont work you'll be happy your still at the dealership not in the middle of bfe. I dont know how many battries the trailer has but I like to run 2, and when you kill those origionals get 2 6volts run in series and they work better and last longer. As someone said above tires are a huge deal on rvs. Check regularly, they say they only last about 2 or 3 years if that. have fun and enjoy, we've had one for about 6 years and love it.
  7. My 9 year old rides the rm65, which is not made anymore. Its actually a Kawi so you can go with that. But depending on his size he may be out of it very quickly, is happening to me right now. The KTM is a slightly larger bike, wish I would have gone that way. Also depending on how into this you may be, Cobra just came out with a 65. Check them out, they have been winning the 50cc class for several years now and are made here in the states. Purpose built race bikes.
  8. Just race a race in New Mexico at a ski resort. Long uphills up the slopes:applause: , but then very tight rocky wet steep downhills:confused: . I need help seriously on these. What's the best technique for riding this type of terrain. Thanks for the info.
  9. rmz450duner

    Duramax, Power Stroke, Power Wagon

    I've got an 03 dodge and could'nt be happier. I've heard all the bad tranny stories(mines got 80,000 and no problems). I will say the cummins is the only way to go, but you give up some creature comforts that the chevy has. Like comfortable seats and ride. The dodge is a workhorse and the chevy is a truck that rides like a car but with a diesal. Also as I saw in one post bring the $ for the chevy.
  10. rmz450duner

    riding with your son....

    My son has been riding with me since he was 6mths old in the dunes(sitting in front of me). I know not hte smartest thing but he loved it. He's now 9 and we've tried the motocross thing but the level of commitment on that is difficult for both the kid and the parent, and we decided we wanted to ride for fun not profession. The experience built on the track has really improved his offroad skills. He can now follow me on darn near any single track,but we did get caught on 1 real big real rocky hill and he says " I'm not going back" so I bulldog his 65 up the hill and darn near have a heart attack. It was a 2 1/2 hour ride that I will never forget. These are the best days I've ever had riding a motorcycle. Have fun with them now because they take off soon enough.
  11. rmz450duner

    jetting 06 450, 07 250

    Questions about jetting. Ive read the manual and lots of info but no table or basic idea of if you go this high change main, needle, clip etc. The only idea I have is from my sons 65 manual giving what seems like good info. Im in AZ so about 1100 ft. but this summer will be racing anywhere from 3500 to 7500 feet in Utah. What I get from the info I have would be at 3500 On 450 at about 100 degrees(its hot in AZ) main-170 down to 160 slow- 42 down to 40 jet needle-ncvr(1 smaller) jet clip- same If this seems right I can figure out the other elevations but hoping I had this right. Thanks for your help. I'm new to this and want to be able to do everything on my own(or with help from you all )
  12. Where does one get basic, or advanced knowledge of motorcycles without going to school for it. I'm talking about jetting, suspension i.e. oil weight, valving etc. My son is really got the racing bug, and after racing the LL area qualifier I now know I need to learn more about how a bike works and what needs to be done for different riding conditions and different tracks. Is there a book or something that I can read. I can do the maintanence and basic stuff but its set up and that kind of thing I'm looking to learn. Thanks for your help.
  13. rmz450duner

    Help 06 Rmz450 Cant Kick

    I rode last Sunday and the bike worked great. I get up to go ride yesterday and try to start the bikes to warm them up and I cant kick it. The kick does release every once in a couple tries and I did even get it started, but shut it off right away incase something internal. It's like theres so much compression the kicker is just stuck. The motor is loud when it started but nothing to unusual. Someone said maybe the cam chain or maybe I lost a ring, any insight before I pull this pig apart would be greatly appreciated. Wont get to do much work on it in the near future since I must rebuild my son's rm65 for his first shot at a loretta's qualifier. Thanks in advance.
  14. rmz450duner

    need ? answered

    help, I rode all last sunday and bike ran great. I go out today to do oil and filter(which i do about every 3 rides or after each race) and I cant kick it over. It's like it's stuck, it will kick over with lots of muscle but only one and then stuck again. The bike is a 06 rmz450 and have done valve checks, timing chain etc. Is it valves, or possibly rings I'm just kind of looking for a starting point. Thanks for your help.
  15. rmz450duner

    how to start kids racing???

    My son(8yrs old) has now done a couple of races and i have to agree with toyman on some of his statements. We are an offroad family (desert, dunes, tracks) my wife, myself and my son all ride. Its very hard to do all the practicing but what a joy to watch the development, he's 10 times the rider I will ever be. But be warned this is a tough sport, there will be crashes bumps bruises and things that make you want to hide that motorcycle so he never sees it again. One crash can send them backwards to what seems like the beginning, but as a supportive parent you have to have the ability to not push and let them get comfortable on the bike and the track again. Keep your mouth and your comments to yourself and just be there for them. Kids are amazing and 90% in the begining they will learn on the track watching and riding with their friends.