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  1. pro440

    WR250X custom dyno tune

    ive hit 101mph on my bike on the highway, i have the air box lid removed and k&n filter
  2. pro440

    FREE WR250X mod

    ok so how do u take off the ontake flapper and remove the exup valve, and what do they do, also whats a survo sub, all i have doon to my wr-x is take the baffle out and the airbox lid off, id like a lil more power so i can get 4th gear up easier, ive gotten my bike up to 98mph so far, it was kinda scary
  3. pro440

    question about 500's

    they are great bikes, the 500 was my first bike i owned, so yea it was scary, but u have to go easy on the throttle, it will put u off the back, i traded mine for a 125 and regret doin it, but they r better in the corners than the 450's, the only problem i had was the steering was stiff for me and i was a 140lb rider, it felt heavy to me, but i would def. get one, u have to feel the power in it, its like nothing else, mine had 80hp to the rear wheel, so thats power
  4. pro440

    cr125 cutting out

    Does the bike have motor work done to it