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    rear brake binding?

    I did a search and couldn't find anything... I have a 2006 SM and when I use the rear brake lightly (slow speeds), I get a sort of binding noise and you can feel it in the rear brake pedal. When it rained the other day, there was no binding, but the last few days have been dry and it's binding again. It's been doing this almost since about 500km I think? And I have 5800km on it now. Also, I removed the rubber peg inserts and had to lower the brake pedal a bit, and now the brake will sometimes stick on just enough to keep the light on. I have to put my toe under the pedal and pull it up to turn the rear brake light off. I don't have to hold it up, there's just a point where it sticks and won't release all the way. I think it's just the bolt head sticking to the switch and I'll grind down the head to round it out, but let me know if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks all! ;D
  2. bigred-d

    Stock DRZk gear shift lever positioning problem

    Is the extension forwards? Or more out to the side? I had to move mine down from the original position because it was too high. ;D