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    Best Place to Stage at Georgetown

    My doctor said he would remove it if it "bothered me". I was not sure how that would manifest itself. My recovery was going well until I hit this small motor skill issue almost two years later. I was ready to go see the doctor when the issue subsided. Now I am not sure what to think. Also, if my insurance would have covered it, I would have one of those trick cti wrist guards. My doctor told me the wrist with the plate would be stronger than before but it still would have been nice. Tim
  2. homey2

    Best Place to Stage at Georgetown

    Yeah, I guess I'm the definition of a lurker. I have the same titanium plate that you have with 10 screws. I was back mountain biking in about 5 months. Riding dirtbikes in 8 months I think? The mobility came back in about 6 months but small motor function is still a problem after two years. If I were you I would concentrate on range of motion before strength. I made the mistake of trying to recover too fast and ended up straining my neck and shoulder. By the way, I am thinking about having the plate removed. What does your doctor recommend? Tim
  3. homey2

    Best Place to Stage at Georgetown

    That looks just like the distal radius fracture I got at Georgetown. Tim
  4. homey2

    House Burned Down

    Skipro3, That was a great post. I am sure you are seeking His kingdom first. Great to hear you are safe and have a great outlook on life. You are in our prayers. Tim
  5. I only saw him with a redish blondish las that drooled alot. She was cute and friendly enough, just not my type. No offense, Bigbob.
  6. Thank you for taking me on a great ride! That was really fun and nice to meet you guys. I also found out that Oldedude isn't very old but Bigbob is really big! Tim
  7. I am a lurker from KTMtalk. I usually just read and learn. I was suppose to ride with someone Friday but they cancelled. (BTW Homey was already taken so I had to take Homey2) Tim
  8. Can I tag along with you guys? I am not fast but I will try just about anything. Tim