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  1. Any ktm xc exc or a YZ250
  2. http://warriormfg.com/fb-frame.htm
  3. +10:thumbsup: yz250:thumbsup:
  4. we have 3 yz250's 2006(4500 stock scoots steering stabaliszer)bought used but basically brand new 2005(4200 stock cept for fmf q silencer)bought used but only had 2 rides 2004(4000 pc pipe and silencer vforce reads pc works suspension kit scoots steering stabilizer)bought used from District 37 racer excellent condition we have all yamahas even our 2 four strokes and they are all awesome i would never swap brands after riding a yamaha:ride: but that ktm xc300 looks sweet
  5. is it true that after you have a bad crash and your helmet gets messed up but no damage to your head or anything that its against the law to use the helmet again...because thats what the emt told my cousin after he had to be helicoptered out...because the foam like expands on impact wellt thanks in advance
  6. Our 05f350 has only seen the shop once and that was to put in the remote starter...and its been driven it already has 73,000 miles on it after about a year and a half...it runs greeat we get 14-15 mpg pulling the trailer...and our ford dealers is awesome (Sunrise Ford in fontana) glamisaddict
  7. ok here is my .02 ford:best looks...best overall...excellent interior chevy: best engine/tranny package...nasty tow mirrors...probably the smoothest ride dodge:best engine in class...no interior room(except for mega cab which doesnt come with a long bed or dually) just my 2 cents id go with the ford we've had 3 ford diesels and they have all been excellent...with our f350 we even beat a GMC Kodiak up the mountain bulling a 26 ft WW...he was pulling a 30 ft WW GO FORD:applause:
  8. : that thing is SICK!!!!:applause
  9. idk but ive nvr heard of putting a bike in the front it seems a little red neck(no offense) to me
  10. because my mom has one and it definatley couldnt fit my old 250f....so let me rephrase what i said it is highly UNLIKELY that it will fit
  11. i would do it either theyd get scratched up pretty quickly...
  12. i agree dunes are for riding bowls 5th gear tapped!!!!!and no there definately not for beginners
  13. dont most factory riders and stuff have their bolts safty wired
  14. I dont know if any of you guys are the people that helped my cousin out on Powerline road on saturday. He was the kid that went down around 12:30 and a lot of people stopped to help but there were a few people that went way beyond that call of duty and to those people i am truely gratefull...And if any of you are interested on what happend he hit a huge rock 4th gear tapped down Powerline road and basically went over the bars and took a hard hit...He chipped L1 through L4 vertebres and got a hematoma. But thankyou to any one on here that helped us out.