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    ORV areas in Mass?

    Def. make sure you know which side off Freetown your own. If you go opposite of the parking lot, you will enter intermediate and above trails only (READ: ROCKY...NO VERY ROCKY).
  2. Jeel

    04 250sx

    Anyone use a 250sx offroad?
  3. Last bike I had was in 2001...it was a new YZ125 setup for woods use in rocky New England and an occasional practice day at the local mx track. Sold it at at the end of the 2001 season. Five years later, college degrees, wife, and house and I am looking to get back in due to a co-worker who is a rider. I stand 5'6" so touching the ground is always an issue and weigh 190 lbs (no bragging, all muscle from years of bodybuilding). I am trying to decide between a used 2004 KTM 450EXC with 400 miles for $4400 or just getting a new 2005 KX250 leftover for $4700. I plan to ride the tight and rocky trails of New England, but I may end up throwing in a couple days each season at the mx track for kicks. Which bike will holds its value better? Which bike best fits my needs? What would you do???
  4. I have never had or paid much attention to KTM until now. They seem pricey used so I am wondering if this price is reasonable. 2004 KTM 450EXC - Used, with less than 1K miles. Look to be in pretty good shape. No real faults. Was traded into dealer and has sat for a couple months. $4600 I may buy this, if this in the ball park? Thanks,
  5. Considering picking up an 04 KTM 450EXC with a clear title and would like to make it street legal. My research is getting me no where...I am hearing register it as a composite motorcycle all the way to "no chance", buy a DRZ400S. Anyone in CT done this already? Any insight as to whether it's feasible? Tahnks
  6. Anyone out there using a YZ450 in the woods? Any luck? I am getting back into riding and I would like a bike I can occasionally take to the mx track but I can still take on a woods ride without reliability and overheating issues. Some say the YZ450 may fit the bill...suggestions??
  7. Alright, I have decided to buy another bike before I hit my 30's. Back in 01 I purchased a new 2001 YZ125 for some tight trails use and limited motocross (less than 5 races a year...for fun of course). I sold that bike within a year at a $2K loss due to lack of riding areas. A guy at my work has sparked my riding interest again even though it appears that places to ride are at an all time low. Anyway on to the bike choices. Due to the lack of riding spots, I am trying to get the most bank for my buck. I WILL NOT PURCHASED USED, so it has come down to this... NEW 2004 RM125 out the dealer door for $3675 OR NEW KX250 (2 stroke) out the door for $4750. My goal is to get the best bang for my buck since there are no gaurantees that I wil be in this for the long haul, if I can't find places to ride. BTW, I am 5'7" inches tall and weigh a "too" muscular 185 pounds. Thanks for the help.