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    ride 50's and my 125
  1. alexcr125

    please help

    So my friend has a crf 250 r and i have a 450r and i am wondering if his complete set of black excells will work with my 450? I know to change the sprocket but i dont know if they arethe same size?
  2. alexcr125

    engine oil

    Should I use 10w-40 or wut for my 04 crf 450r? Also what oil do you recomend?
  3. alexcr125

    450 exhaust

    Will a 02 ti 4 pipe fit on my 2004 crf450r or is it not a good idea to do? My friends both tell me its good and others say not to do it so i just would like to know.
  4. My friend is selling his ti 4 pro circut pipe for his crf250x, does anybody know if the exhaust would fit on my 04 crf 450 instead of the stock one? Also he is selling the header so will any of this work?
  5. Whenever I go into 4th gear and start to get goin my front end starts to speed wobble like no other. I have tried different tire pressures and that doesnt seem to be it. It is also all stock so that might be it. If you can give me some ideas of why this is happening that would be appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, I need your help. So I have a 2003 xr 50 that I bought for 1 grand. It has all the mods on it, and this guy wants me to trade him for his 2005 crf 250r with a blown tranny. He wants me to give him my 50, and 200.00. Should I do it? Also how much do you think the transmisson will cost to fix? Thanks a lot -Alex