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    Front Break Problems!

    I have ran a whole thing of break fluid through the thing I thought that would be enough to suck all the air out but apparently not. And I'm pretty sure that I installed all the new seals right because the thing worked great tell I got a collapsed break line and put the new one on. Now I got nothing.
  2. mini_junkie

    Front Break Problems!

    NO! Thats the problem!
  3. mini_junkie

    Front Break Problems!

    I have rebuilt everything that I can, put new seals in the caliper, and in the master cylinder
  4. mini_junkie

    Front Break Problems!

    I have a 2003 Honda CRF 450R, i recently purchased used. When I got it everything was peachy creamy except for a slight water leak in which a new seal took care of. Now my front break wont work. It all started by just locking up. I bled off the pressure and then couldn't get the thing to pressure back up. So I used a vacume bleeder and it worked for a couple of days, then locked up again! Now after i've replaced the break line, rebuilt the master cylinder, and put new seals in the caliper I still cant get the dang thing to build pressure. CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP, I cant even get it with a vacume bleeder now!
  5. mini_junkie

    Questions About Rev Limter

    So your saying i should spend my money somewhere else?
  6. mini_junkie

    Questions About Rev Limter

    I heard something about them increasing your spark strenght and all this other ho ha but didn't really know if it would make a difference.
  7. I thinking of installing a BBR rev limter on my CRF 50. And was wondering if its safe or I'm just gonna blow the thing up?
  8. I've just recently purchased a BBR exhaust, run VP's oxygenated fuel, Twin Air Filter. I was wondering what I should adjust my valves to, to get the most HP out of it that I can. I was considering ordering a jet kit and breather, also thought about advancing the timing. I heard that the more the clearance the more the torque, cause that holds those gases in there a little bit longer. Can some one tell me please what is stock and what should be done?