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    Pipe Swap

    Hey TT: Just wanted to let all know that I bought jamracings used wr426 pipe ( Muffler)and put it on my 98 WR.. bolted right up.. Not sure about any weight savings but he stainless looks alot better than my old and tired black one... MS 98WR400 90 NT650 Hawk 88 K75S
  2. MS

    Airbox Stickers

    Hey TT'rs: I have an extra set of Factory Effex fake carbon fibre airbox stickers if any one is interested in.. FREE... Just email me your address and it is yours... first come first served... MS 98WR400 1gearhea@gte.net
  3. MS

    WR side loses premier status?

    Taffy: I have not posted alot of responses to this site, but on occasions I have added my 2 cents. But since you are asking the original question, "does one race a WR". YES... I am 40 yo racing in the VET C class for SETRA. I have ridden my 98 WR for 2 full seasons and I can tell you the good and the bad. Most of which everyone already knows here at this site, but here goes for any newbies out there. 1. Finished 7th and 8th overall 2001, 2002 2. I average 3 stalls an enduro ( Concentration breakdowns or brainfarts, its the same. 3. I loose 2-3 points due to stalls. 4. I love this motorcycle 5. Reliable as a rock 6. Suspension now works, RACETECH 7. Its heavy at the 3 hour mark in a race 8. Versatility, MX, Enduro, Harescrambles etc. 9. I love this bike 10. To much low torque in tight stuff 14/52 gearing 11. Loves to power slide 12. The Drill ( starting) 13. Easy to work on 14. Parts availability 15. Watching other riders I catch ( not offten) automatically move over due to loud stock pipe. 16. Can't hear those pesky A and AA riders coming behind me.. 17. Change the oil ( OFTEN) 18. Keep a fresh plug in if you can 19. Loves 110 Unical 76 race fuel 20. Basically stock, Emig triple clamps, Protapers, YZ tank/ Seat. 21. I love this bike... Hopefully with next season starting I will try to post my races and how I did on the WR.. OH, Forgot, 22. Knocks small trees down with no problem 23. Hitting bigger trees hurts.. Like the other posts indicate, Most of us running the (OLDER) bikes have them dialed in and are just enjoying them. I will make one prediction. I feel I can go faster on a more nimble bike ( WR250F, etc.. So right now, Im content to accept my level and platue ( spelling) of riding that I can achieve with the 98 WR... someday I will pocess the magic button.. but until I do. Let them doggies rip.... I did get in a drag race with a Suzuki DRZ400 coming out of section of woods onto a fire road.. I could not pull him and he could not pull me. I stayed about 1 bike lenght ahead.. until my gearing ran out at about 75 mph.. at this speed I was just under the revlimiter but not hurting the engine... Thats fun.... MS 98WR400 90 Hawk GT 88 BMWk75s
  4. MS


    You probably know this, but go ahead and change the oil. What did the oil look like, or did you drain it in checking the clutch or put bike on side and pulled clutch.. smell the oil, is it a burnt smell or close to it??... If your basket looks good and plates are not or do not appear to be scorned or burned.. the last thing I would check is the free play length of your clutch springs, are they within tolerances?? Sounds like you are on your way in fixing.. good luck Just thought i would add my 2 cents... MS 98 WR400F NT650 Hawk BMW K75S
  5. MS

    2 WEEKS till the 450!!!

    Hey guys, came over from the WR posts and saw your comments on the E button for the 03 models.. I have also heard while waiting for my row to take off , that Randy Hawkins has indicated that Yam is coming out with the Magic Button for 03 models.. we shall see?? MS 98WR400
  6. MS

    Rear brake resivor

    Brockr: I came over from the WR posts to see what you YZ guys are up to and read your post... my 98 WR400 had the same problem.. I think your leak may be the result of a warped reservoir. Look closely at the outside most edge ( the edge towards your shock side), you should see the edge of the reservoir just outside of your cap.. this should not be like this... I believe since the reservoir is so close to the pipe, the heat caused the reservoir to warp and wala.... your fluid escapes and no brakes... just a theory... well, I purchased a new reservoir only... I think only $16... new.... new fluid, put top on, and this time i went to Lowes, Home dept, whatever, and bought aluminum pipe tape, the kind that has aluminum foil on one side and soft sticky spongey on the other,,, just cut to size and place on top and side of reservoir, no more leaks, or warpage has occurred to my unit for the past year... I ride alot of slow speed enduros, so my heat is excessive sometimes.. this seems to work for me.. MS 98WR400.. SETRA VET C
  7. MS

    Aftermarket Sparky

    Thanks guys.. Yamakaze, is your E-series carbon fiber? How much weight difference is there really between stock and aftermarket?? I will begin my visual catalog search.... thanks MS P.S. I might ride the Senior C class next year.. right now in the VET C class, running 4th overall...
  8. OK, I have finally decided to get rid of my 98 stock silencer. Its "LOUD", weighs to much etc. Since I do ride enduros, "SETRA", I will need a USFS Sparky, any suggestions out there. I'm just looking to replace the silencer and keep the stock head pipe... MS 98 WR400, Emig top clamp, Protapers, Race Tech suspension(MX Tuner Helped), 14/52 gearing, Air Box top removed, stock jetting.
  9. MS

    YZ250F Purchase

    426: Yep, your 426 sounds great, but my 400 is too much in the tight stuff, have to keep dragging my back brake to calm her down. Not to mention all the engergy Im losing wrestling between the trees.. Im concerned about reliability with the YZ250F, Ive heard on this page some people experiencing crankshaft fractures etc... whats your 2 cents on this?? MS
  10. I haven't been on TT for awhile, at least not on the YZ250F portion. I currently ride a 98 WR400 and love it... it has been rock solid, with no breakdowns in my enduro racing. I would like the "magic button", but overall, the 400 is a great ride.. I have a question to pose... Friend of mine "A" rider, is selling his 01 YZ250F and called me to see if I would be interested... since I only have experience with the 400, your feed back would be helpful... it has the following items: Protapers, carbon fiber airbox, Race tech valving, IMS clear tank 3.4, Yosh pipe, tall seat, asking price $4600. Price sounds about right for the goodies it has, and bike looks great, at least thats what I thought when we went riding about 4 weeks ago.. I know I would love the lighter weight especially with all the tight woods I ride.. let me know what your thoughts are on this purchase... thanks MS 98 WR400, emig top clamp, protapers, racetech, stock engine, YZ seat/tank combo.
  11. MS

    Lost Compression

    Indy: Hum.... you might want to check the compression cable slack... something may have hung, causing cable to catch and leaving the valve just slightly open.. this is the only thing I can think of.. any other suggestions are welcome... also,, just to be sure, check your plug.. I mean, check its torque in the head.. sometimes plugs back out or just do not get tight enought and allow compresion out of the plug.... other than that... you might want to scream help!! MS 98WR400
  12. MS

    Scotts Oil Filter Cleaning

    Unkle Moosey: I too clean my stock filter with contact cleaner, brake cleaner, then give it a good drying out with low pressure air from the inside. Im still using my stock filter with my 98 as well. no rips or tears so far... mS
  13. MS


    All advise given is good, but you did not indicate what octane of fuel you are running with.. IM using 110 leaded race fuel, no problems what so ever of fouling... usually, staying with 93 octane (Amoco) helps alot...try one clip on needle to lean one step and ride ... MS 98WR400 90 Hawk 88 K75S
  14. MS

    '99 WR400 - Suspension Help

    MX tuner: OK, drilled, but not thru... and the top has been removed and mid valve is out... I used an interesting method to apply torque to the top of the head.... instead of squeezing the tube in my vise... I inserted a phillips screw driver through the large bleed holes at the bottm where the base valve goes.. and this kept the tube away from the vise.. I then used the screw driver in the vise, loosend, and applied torque to the top, with my twisting at the top the screw driver turned and held in the vise and allowed me to apply greater torque on the top. walla... it loosened... I have removed mid valve. now.. can I disable the mid valve using your method earlier?? I have one large washer at the bottom, then 3 smaller on top of that, then followed by 4 larger washers with one smaller on top next to valve body... are you indicating to remove the 3 small diameter washers only and install the remaining?? MS
  15. MS

    '99 WR400 - Suspension Help

    MX tuner: Thanks for the information.. I would love to talk tech with you... what is your email address.. mine is 1gearhea@gte.net MS