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  1. Corrected the first month? Why did Toyota wait so long on their sludge problem? How come all the other problems they had in their numerous recalls werent' fixed in the first month?
  2. Toyotas styling is just plain ugly.
  3. Now why would you bet it was a US vendor? Because Japanese people don't make mistakes? I"m not all hyped up, I just continue to laugh when everyone thinks Toyotas are so great, and people stick out tongues behind their computers. Shows me how BIG they really are.
  4. http://www.usatoday.com/money/autos/2007-05-29-tundra_N.htm If they keep pumping out these "fine designed products", people will really see that Toyota isn't as omnipotent as they, and consumers, think they are. They recalled more vehicles than they sold the last few years.
  5. ptguy

    American or Foreign

    Want to get an education? Have a read...... http://www.thecarconnection.com/Auto_News/Commentary/At_Witz_End_Whats_an_American_Car.S192.A11981.html?pg=1
  6. Those new Toyotas look like Vomit, big googly eyed headlights. Yuck.
  7. ptguy

    north gladwin????

    I hear you there about the riding area. Wish I didn't have to go so far up north to hit some good trails. Oh well, thats why I'm getting my XR set up dual sport style, so I can hit some "secret" woods around here, to get a quick fix of some mud, roots, rocks, small hills and chillin in the woods, before heading back home. At least this will hold me over till I can hit Geels or Tomahawk trails up north on my KTM.
  8. ptguy

    Timerider bike

    I remember seeing the movie about 15 years ago. I thought it was a great movie, I recall the old westerners thinking the bike was the devil, and shooting it with guns. I"ll have to rent it again. Great flick.
  9. Hey all, I have my barkbusters from my other bike, I was going to put on my XR250R. I can't seem to find the "threaded inserts" that the allen screw threads into on the handlebar ends, to mount the aluminum barkbusters to the end of my handlebars. Does anyone know where I can purchase these? (or does anyone have any extras I could purchase?). I see Moose racing offers "bar ends", but these dont' look like they will work with the alunimum barkbusters. \ Appreciate any input you could provide.
  10. Toyota has had its share of issues? NO, can't be true. ITs a Toyota, I thought they dont' make mistakes. My best friends 642MX, Jschner, Toyota-MDT-tech, velosapiens, and dodgger all told me there is no way, this is a misprint, can't be true. Me, I"d get the Toyota. To drive over a cliff.
  11. ptguy

    Thunder on the Tundra

    Then why the hell did you buy it?
  12. ptguy

    Thunder on the Tundra

    Whatever dude, drive whatever the hell you want. Oh, domestic cars are so "inferior" and service is so "crappy", I just don't know how I will ever get by driving my domestic vehicles.
  13. ptguy

    Thunder on the Tundra

    Yep, in the same way my "arguments" is "baseless and false" all you import lovers are saying Michigan is asking for charity handouts? You turn things around your way, I'll turn things around my way. And if we went to war, dont' for a second believe Toyota will be building any war armament.
  14. ptguy

    Thunder on the Tundra

    Except if your getting failed ball joints fixed on your new Toyota or engine work done due to sludge .