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  1. Yea it was funny, Dave passed me and was hauling ass. I couldnt keep up. The next thing I know, there he is picking himself up off the ground. I knew if I pushed it with my lack of traction that would have been me.
  2. I got the best start led for about a min. then I crashed hard in a rocky corner. I couldn't get comfortable again after that. I was just putting around trying to learn the new track and having fun. I had a ragged out back tire, and had no traction anywhere. I decided after slipping around a whole lot it would be best to just play around for the remainder of the race. I only fell twice, but if I had pushed it I probably would have fallen alot more. At one point I tried to do a Nac Nac off the table top but my foot caught the rear fender. It had to look funny as hell. I ended up 8th out of 10 and I think the 2 guys I beat dropped out of the race Mark, I was talking to Mike Papa, he said he finally met you. He blew his Quad up again. Our group is getting to be a nice size, one of these races all of us TTers need to park together
  3. Mike will be on his bike probably, the last time I talked to him he said he blew up the Quad. Unless he got it fixed since then. It should be fun to race on a new track at FD. I am looking forward to it.
  4. I am in.
  5. Yea, I have heard those stories too. I believe it. I always watch out for shady stuff like that. I tend to go like in the early am or in the middle of the afternoon when everyone is working or at school. Once in a while my friends from down the road go also but its early and we don't stay all day. Hoodlums don't get out of bed before noon. I have gone there a lot and hardly ever see more than 3 or 4 other people while I am there. It is close to the city though, I wouldn't be surprised if I got bike jacked one day.
  6. Congrats, thats good.
  7. Where in SE PA are you at? How close are you to the Philly air port? I go to Blue Diamond when I want some good MX practice but if I just want to mess around or practice starts, I go to the Philly air port, there is enough there to practice things. There aren't any jumps but there is enough space to set up a track of some sort. I wouldn't recommend anyone drive more than 20 min out of there way to go there but if you are close why not.
  8. I should be there on the 22 if my bike holds up. Did you race Hurricane? How did you do? I ended up going to an ECEA race in N.J. I think it was a lot more fun than HH and it was a lot closer.
  9. I decided last second to go yesterday, and it was cool. The track was long and ruff. Thos NJ boys were flying through the sand like it was nothing. I struggled for the first lap until I got used to it but by then I was so worn out,and I went into survival mode. I finished 7th out of 13th in Vet B after a first turn crash and a hard charge from the back of the pack. How did every one on here do? I heard that Hurricane Hills had a small turnout but the race was alright.
  10. Good luck up there guys, watch out for the tire terminator rocks they have. I finally got my bike back together today. I am happy. I will definitely be at the next dutchmen race 100%. I am going back to Open B for dutchmen instead of Vet B so I can at least try for top 5 in Dutchmen Points.
  11. Well lets see... Motocross = 4or5 laps per moto at like a min or 2 a lap. you might ride 20min a race. ( At the armature level ) Hare Scrambles = 2 hours of ride time per race. Gncc or National Hare Scrambles = 3 hours per race. A motocrosser would have to race 6 races to = 1 Hare Scrambles as far as wear and tear on the bike goes. 9 races to =1 Gncc or National Thats 24 races 48 motos to 4 hare scrambles. Thats one hole motocross season and one valve Job. Granted I do not always do the necessary maintenance routine, ( no shop or facilities to do it ) so I do the best I can with what I have. The Honda is a very high performance/ high maint machine. It was designed for the serious racer not some schmuck like me who doesn't know the difference between a valve guide and primary drive. It should have a warning label on it saying something to the effect " If you have three kids under 4yrs old, run your own business and don't have a garage or a decent place close by to wrench your shit buy a KTM, a Yamaha,or Quit racing."
  12. Not gonna be able to do it. I will make my return probably at the next Dutchmen race. I can't justify wasting my money to race when I am not in contention for the title. I realy need to work and get some cash in so I can regroup and get some things I desperatly need like new boots and some things for the bike. I am going riding though, thursday I may go to Blue Diamond after work with Mike PaPa and Sun I might go up to that place you sunk your bike. It is alot cheaper to just play ride. Well if I dont hear from ya have fun at Hurricane.
  13. I got it. It had kinked up on the primary. so I had to disassemble it and pull it out then it gave me enough slack when I reassembled it. It went on no prob with the cam slightly pitched. I had the chain tensioner out so I knew it wasn't that. I didn't know you had to keep some tension on it, I just knew not to let it fall all the way inside the case. Trial and Error:) I will be done tomorrow night and hopefully have it running. Probably go to Blue Diamond like Thursday if anyone is interested let me know.
  14. Mark, How was the new track? was it realy different? Congrats on third thats awsome! I didn't go to Dilla. I had to work
  15. All of this info is great. Thank you very much. I will definitely get my old head's seats cleaned up and rebuild it using stainless valves and good springs. I will also look into the guides and replace them if needed. I was putting the head back together tonight and I kept having a problem with the cam chain not having enough slack. I turned the crank over slightly to drop the piston so I could feed it into the cylinder. It would pull the chain in, so I would pull it back out but when I assembled everything and went to put the chain over the cam gear it wouldn't go on. I didn't want to force anything so after being frustrated I walked away. I will take another stab at it tomorrow. Any suggestions? Is it supposed to be slightly hard to get on?