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  1. California

    I might join you if its just short spurts on the pavement......Im gonna work on making a plate in Photoshop.
  2. California

    Hey Kran, how much drool sporting are you talking about on this ride? Will a pie plate work?
  3. California

    Yeah that was my first time on that trail.....definitely one of the best in the DWF/Rowher area!
  4. California

    Wind can suck it! Is this gonna be a dualsport ride or a free-for-all? Count me in if its not dualsport only......I'll bring my new ride.
  5. It could be, but its more like 65-80......not going that deep into Spangler, just crossing the 395, following along the tracks and make way over to Trona Rd then to Randsburg.
  6. Any takers on a dezert loop on Sat? Im thinking maybe stage at Dove Springs, ride over to Spangler through the El Paso's and then Randsburg for lunch then back. Nothing too technical, intermediate 2-track and singletrack, but that can change depending on what everyone wants to do.
  7. Hey Krannie, you riding this weekend? Any interest in a dezert run on Sat?
  8. California

    Dang, you teasin summbeech! If plans for the dez change let me know, or anyone else!
  9. California

    Anyone wanna do a desert ride this Sat? Spangler, Fremont Peak, Cal City, Randsburg, El Paso's??
  10. California

    Damn I need a plate......definitely my next "mod".
  11. California

    No Fremont Peak or dez run?
  12. California

    I really want to do this ride but I can't this weekend. I'll be out riding the following weekend tho, maybe another dezert run.....Fools Day ride on 4/1?
  13. California

    I'm in Kranster, see you Sunday!
  14. California

    Sounds just right....lets do this!
  15. California