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  1. California

    Dang, you teasin summbeech! If plans for the dez change let me know, or anyone else!
  2. California

    Anyone wanna do a desert ride this Sat? Spangler, Fremont Peak, Cal City, Randsburg, El Paso's??
  3. California

    Damn I need a plate......definitely my next "mod".
  4. California

    No Fremont Peak or dez run?
  5. California

    I really want to do this ride but I can't this weekend. I'll be out riding the following weekend tho, maybe another dezert run.....Fools Day ride on 4/1?
  6. California

    I'm in Kranster, see you Sunday!
  7. California

    Sounds just right....lets do this!
  8. California

  9. California

    If this ride is for Saturday, count me in!
  10. California

    Is Saturdays douche ride still going on? If so, I need a cleansing! I'm in!
  11. Get that weight off your back and shoulders and get an Ogio waist bag. I've tried a lot of setups(except the Ogio flight vest which looks good) including the Zac Speed combo chest protector/hydro pack/backpack and always hated the weight up high and the bags bouncing around and digging into my neck. With the weight lower at the waist it frees up the upper body a lot and is cooler, and you would be surprised how much crap you can get into one of the Ogio 450 waist bags.....I even have a tube and Motion Pro tire irons in mine. For hydration I have been using the same slim 70oz classic Camelbak for 10 years(with numerous bladders) and put it under my chest protector for comfort and it doesnt move around. This setup rules!
  12. California

    Krannie, we can push the meet time up, I'm free all day tomorrow, the rain is supposed to stop by 10-11am.....your call, let me know.
  13. California

    We just stage next to the kennels or farther up? Wheres the staging spot exactly? Looks killer, much closer.
  14. California

    Where is Coarse gold road staging (kennels)? Never been there. And yes, we only ride the certified "USDA Prime" trails that have gone through the organically certified enviroMENTAL approval process and 10 year waiting period to obtain the rare status of a legally marked trail.