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  1. 125sx

    Dumb 2-stroke question

    Yes 40-1 runs the best in my 125 and i use wp2
  2. 125sx

    05 250sx

    Nice dude, i love how the 250 rides
  3. 125sx

    Sick Video

    Sweet vid
  4. My uncle got a bike and i rode quads for years. Then i saw a bike in the penny saver and i told my pap that i wanted to go look at it, and we where there for like 3 hours trying to talk this guy down on the price. So my pap said "load it up" and i was so happy. Then i had my 03 KTM 125sx in the back of my truck
  5. 125sx


    my 125sx
  6. 125sx

    03 sx 125 how reliable??

    they are the best, i got one it is a 03 and it runs like a champ. and what are u going to pay for it?
  7. 125sx

    Your best whip

    my ktm 125sx