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  1. same here. one of those o-rings blew out
  2. i love mine to!!! the only thing i've replaced is vavles but they were stock and i bought some from faction mx and they are AWESOME!!!!!
  3. it sucks!!!!!!!
  4. Does anyone know about Faction mx valves. I tried to get kibblewhite but they're on backorder so i had to go with faction mx valves
  5. I run 115 octane
  6. I looked everything over and there is no sign of valve float and the timing is on perfect. Everything is good the valves are stretched and are on the smallest sized shim they can go. The lip on the valve where it seats is simply worn way down.
  7. I've go through a set of stock intake valves once a month and im getting tired of that. What is a good brand of valves and about how long will they last??
  8. I broke mine. it took eight weeks then i wrecked and hurt it again and was out for 2-3 more weeks. i got a big bulge where i broke it.
  9. how long can you run on blown fork seals without them ruining anything?
  10. My bikes clearances were off and the bike wouldnt start at all. I had to push start it and eventually it wouldnt start doing that either. I kicked mine forever then i pushed it to the garage to try to fix it and my valves had no clearance
  11. sounds like the timing. On my 2005 kxf250 from the top mark on the exhaust cam and to the top mark on the intake cam is 12 pinsand then the two side marks should be lined up with the motor.
  12. A 250f can pull a 250 on a holeshot!!!
  13. Do you put a seat cover on with or without the old one still one?
  14. I'd go with the 05. I got one and I love it. I heard the 04's having some valve problems and some ignition problems.
  15. How should you break in a four-stroke from a fresh rebuild???