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  1. greymoto

    5th Annual NW MiniBike National

    adogg437-You down??
  2. greymoto

    What did u get for christmas?

    A-3 supercross tix with air fare to socal Yeehaa
  3. greymoto

    Need help which exhaust to use for 143bb

    Big bore BBR pipe.............I have a 143 and the same carb kit and it runs very good. Never could make it work too well with the stock pipe. Big bores need to the airflow GM
  4. greymoto

    Looking for a Good Shop in the Salem, OR Area

    Bill is the man.............
  5. greymoto

    Upper Nestucca Labor Day Weekend?

    Trails open rode about 40 miles on Sunday---Epic
  6. I am about 5"6" on a good day. My 04 cr125 is tall as well.Two things. Jump it .........alot Feet up and pin it
  7. greymoto

    Attention all CRF150 racers!

    XR 100 ok?? From Salem