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  1. i have a 2008 drz400sm installed fcr carb kit, bike runs great the one problem i have is when the bike is park is drips fuel out of one of the over flow hoses. need help/ it only a few drips but don't wanna see a wet spot under my bike.
  2. two brother slip on .double check the exhaust no leaks,turn out 4 turn got better but still backfiring
  3. Using this jetting setting I am getting back fire between shifting
  4. clip 2 from the top or buttom
  5. 22,5 pilot 2 clip from top remove spark res. 2 1/2 to 3 turns out ill try those setting and let you know the out come
  6. should i remove the spark res, from the exhaust. its remove able
  7. what setting should the clip be on
  8. if i used 22.5 i'll have to turn it out 3 1/2 turns
  9. what size would i use 45 or 30
  10. no sealed all the joint allready
  11. main jet 160 pilot jet 55 jet needle dyno jet 4 clip down from the top two brother slip on 3+3 cut out extended fuel screw 3 turns out sea level 30 to 80 degrees 2008 drz 400sm cannt stop the decleration on back firing. change the needle slip from 2,3,4 tried them all. bike runs best with the fuel screw set at 1 1/2 out and needle clip 2 down from top, but pops 2 times on deceration between 30 to 35 mph. dont know if i need a diffrent jet needle ,or main jet is to lean. at 3 turns out bike turns off some time at idle. need help?
  12. I'm going to the dealer tomorrow, the only problem is that the bike was bought in Florida and I'm in new York, I have the extend warranty.The bike only has 60 miles on it
  13. oil leak