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    Suzuki To Crazie

    Thanks for the response men. My setup right now is Pro-Circuit T4 full ext. K-N filter and lid and the jet kit is Moose dyno-jet.I just looking for max power from stock motor with decient fuel ecomony.Is thier a magic jet ?????
  2. wildthing

    Suzuki No control on money

    Let me start with a thanks for the reply.I am over budget on this ole bike. Don't have problem with the steering.The stumble is in the engine or the set up on carb. I think... Does the setup sound right. 165 main jet, Needle on #4 slot, fuel screw at 3.5 turns out.The stumble is most felt in 5th gear wide open.Do you think I am hitting rev. limiter. Or is it in the carb settings. Thanks QuadRacer23 for the advice... ________________________________ 2004 kfx400 2005 Honda rancher 4x4 1986 220 Bayou 185 ATC Honda XR75 Honda dirt bike
  3. wildthing

    Suzuki Unanswered

    I was using this site as a help desk...
  4. wildthing

    Suzuki No help at the help desk

    Up until now I just kept my bikes maintained enough to run right. Now my kfx ran good before but I wanted better and faster. I guess I shoud have held out for a yfz 450.It seems like ever time I add something or spend an hour or two tuning by tuning I mean parts everywhere, tools everywhere.I dont go faster I just burn more fuel. I just not getting the combination right.Im just looking for the fine line between fast and affordable.Maybe I will jet down and quit racing.But then thiers a new quistion with a k-n and a full pro-circuit exuast how lean should I go.
  5. wildthing

    Suzuki what next kfx

    got me a 2004 kfx with a pro circuit T-4 full exuast k-n filter k-n air box lid intake snorkel pluged off 165 main jet needle clip on #4 notch air screw at 3.5 turns seems to run fine until wide open throttle then it has a slight stumble i dont think i am hitting rev limter im weighing in about 270 i live in southeastern oklahoma i ride sand,dirt trails,and lake bed right now any advice thanks