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  1. I guess some people can't read.... Chevy.....
  2. GixxerPymp

    A Few Pics Of Me At The Track

    where is that?
  3. GixxerPymp

    Tundra or Titan

    titan is best for the price. Im getting an 07 crew cab for 23k... cant beat it
  4. GixxerPymp

    Sickest Rims For A Truck!!!

    def not the sickest wheels. Alot nicer wheels out there... IMO Weld: Intro:
  5. wow.... i work for a topper / truck shop and we use CH751 on alot of our toppers.. Not very smart! Sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefuly everything will work out for you and your family.
  6. Not a truck but it sure does pull nice
  7. GixxerPymp

    450 motor?

    i have an 06 yz250f and i want more power. I am a bigger guy (200lbs) and i ride a 170whp gixxer 1000.. So to say the least the 250 feels under powered to me. I was wondering who if anyone has put a 450 motor in their 250? And how that transfer was. Thanks
  8. GixxerPymp

    sticky throttle...

    alright... well i just got new grips so i will check it out. thanks
  9. GixxerPymp

    sticky throttle...

    well i went down today. The bike slid on its left side and now the throttle is very sticky and hard to turn. If i pull give it more then half throttle it will just stick. And its alot harder to twist. anyone have this problem ? would like to fix it so i can ride next week. and this is a 2006 YZ250f. thanks guys
  10. GixxerPymp

    YZF Oil

    i just buy the yamalube 20w40... its like $30 for 12 so not too bad.
  11. GixxerPymp

    Stunting video

    I love it. Streets are too much fun.
  12. GixxerPymp

    Sons first race!

    thats great. Congrats!
  13. GixxerPymp

    who has a new 06

    yeh, that surprised me alot. It sounds like it has an aftermarket pipe. and i also didnt know they came w/ excel wheels.
  14. GixxerPymp


    i have an 06 and i think its amazing. Sick tourque. Plenty for the places i ride. I think its better then the yz250. I hate 2 stroke.