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  1. 230masher

    whats the difference

    oooh ok so it would be well worth it to convert to 428 set up. i mean i dont mind spending the money if its gonna make a hp differnece, thanks
  2. i was just wondering what the difference is between a O ring chain and a non o ring chain and wich one is better to use? And also what size if the 520 is stock on the 230 can you use a 428? Sorry if this question has allready been discussed but im new and didnt see any place to do a search on the older threads
  3. 230masher

    Question about jumping

    hey im new here first post. im thinking about getting some bbr springs for the forks on my 230 and weigh about 140 if you do end up buying them let me know how they feel. i have botttomed the forks out a few times but never the rear suspension. ya and while your at it checking the muffler bearings it would be a good idea to recharge the hydraulic kill switch fluid.