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  1. mousestang74

    Just bought a new DR 650

    Hit my first real dirt road today and now i know why they are called deathwings, could not have been any more loose . I actually stopped to see if i had a flat. Been riding off road some already in the woods and had no problems (no mud yet). how long does it take to wear these things out ?
  2. mousestang74

    orv trails in south Bama ?

    I wish I knew , Ihave lived and rode here most of my life and still dont know . Worst of it is they even try to claim the public roads since it passes through their lease.
  3. mousestang74

    orv trails in south Bama ?

    I second that request , work in robertsdale live out in the boonies off hwy 112 but most all the dirt roads around here have gates on them and the ones without have a hunt ing club watching them to harrass you about being on "private" property , they are leasing it
  4. mousestang74

    Just bought a new DR 650

    hey all , brand new 06 myself 5100 out the doorand a free hjc helmet , 500 miles time for the first service. lots of good info here , I read alot but donot post much, too much good reading and too much to learn.
  5. mousestang74

    I don't buy it

    I promise to ride as much as possible took her out to the woods monday afternoon and kicked around some. my sister in law is from jersey so iam not allowed any yankee jokes yeah right
  6. mousestang74

    I don't buy it

    guys please dont judge alabama by this some of us are real people. o6dr650 only 250 miles so far.
  7. mousestang74

    Maybe Shookster is right about Jessie....

    sounds reasonable ?