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  1. crf450rrider

    Welcome to the world

    beautiful bike man, im doin the same with my 450r
  2. crf450rrider

    1970's pit bike riding photos

    man i love these old bikes.. our bikes wouldnt be anywhere close to where they are now unless we had these bikes
  3. bahahahahhaha what a goon
  4. crf450rrider

    The biggest, most powerful dirtbike

    dirt bike ... jeeze looks like a ****in tractor but a motorcycle tracktor they shall call it moto track
  5. crf450rrider

    My Bikes (lots of pics....Dial up BEWARE)

    man screw every other bike that wfo 1000 is gonna woop all lol
  6. crf450rrider

    Riding Photos From The Track

    man i want to move to california so bad.... all i need is a job at a local bike shop that'll apprentice a bike mechanic
  7. crf450rrider

    Flood pics from WA St

    man poor xr600 and crf450r, if that were me that would be the first thing to grab, then the family cars beer then animals lol
  8. crf450rrider

    My New L/E 08 CRF450R!!!

    whats up with the carberatour i thought they were starting efi on hondas?
  9. crf450rrider

    My pic of the week!!!!!!

    ouch man thats gotta be fun to have to take apart your kx.. im glad i've never had any problems with my honda yet.
  10. crf450rrider

    The RM Got a little Facelift...

    thats pritty nice man, i like the plastics they had for 05 they look damn good
  11. crf450rrider

    My New YZ

    why did you sell the cr250 and buy the yz?
  12. I love how you removed the tube without taking off the tire, thats pritty kick ass i should do that ona customers bike to save time lol
  13. yeah no doubt i wish i was smart with the interweb so i could post it lol
  14. crf450rrider

    Who's got the best looking 250F out there!?

    That monster energy kawasaki is completely nuts
  15. crf450rrider

    The best water crashes!!!!

    Bahahahahaa o man, looks like hes about to blow out both knees on that one