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  1. 78sharpshooter

    DIY rubber mount bar clamps for 06 yz450

    How did you do it and which protaper clamps did you use? Did it make a difference?
  2. Wondering if the stock top clamp and bar mounts can be converted to rubber mount. Was thinking of longer bolts and milling the mount holes of the top clamp; either conical or flat with high durometer rubber bushings.
  3. 78sharpshooter

    2011 YZ450 "yamaha has lost it's way"

    I have an 06 and test rode the 2015 with the intent to buy one. After the test ride it was clear to me that I'll be waiting for the 2018.
  4. 78sharpshooter

    06 to 15; how much difference between them?

    I want to get this bike really bad because everything is great but the low end. I talked to a guy who went from an 07 to the 14 and he also said that the lack of snappy throttle response took some getting used to. Does reducing the fuel number and increasing the ignition really pick up the low end reaponse? The best price I have found is $8700 OTD
  5. 78sharpshooter

    06 to 15; how much difference between them?

    I couldn't believe it either which is why I stuck around to talk to other guys who tested it and they said the same thing. I wish it had the power because I was planning on buying one this weekend.
  6. 78sharpshooter

    06 to 15; how much difference between them?

    So I just tried the 15 yz450 and the handling, suspension, and brakes were great but there was one major issue; the power of the motor feels very weak and the low end grunt is simply non existent. It almost felt like there was a flywheel weight on it because it was so slow to rev. I talked to a few other guys right as they got off the bike an they all said the same thing.
  7. I am testing out the 15 YZ450 on Sat and will likely buy one in the next 2 weeks or so but am having a hard time finding a dealer that does not seem shady. In 07 we bought my wife a bike and the sales manager or whatever had printed out the purchase agreement with a sales price $500 greater that what the sticker on the bike was. I don't like this type of crap and don't want to go to 10 different dealerships so if you have any suggestions for a no BS dealership I would definitely appreciate it.
  8. 78sharpshooter

    06 to 15; how much difference between them?

    Thanks for the input. Yes, I had an 01 Yz426 before getting the 06 and felt the difference was huge so I am pumped to try the 15 next weekend.
  9. 78sharpshooter

    2015 First impressions

    What was the otd price? Did you take it home crated or did the dealer do the uncrating? Thanks for sharing your experience with the 15
  10. I ride an 06 and am considering a 15 and wanted to get some input from those with saddle time on both to see what the good and bad (if any) there is between them. I plan on doing the demo day at cahuilla in 2 weeks but would like to know what I can expect to feel on the new YZ.
  11. 78sharpshooter

    Crashed, front end still tweaked

    I pulled the forks, loosened the nut on the top clamp and realigned the triple clamps by inserting one fork and tightening the nut. The other fork went in without issue and I then did what J_WR2fitty said and it seems that it is fixed (took it for a trip on the dirt roads) but will know for sure after taking it to the track. The forks were more difficult to remove than I remember so I am thinking that the triple clamp got out of alignment. Also noticed a 3" break in the sidewall of the front tire from when I crashed and rim slightly flared out. Can I gently hammer the rim back in or is doing that a bad idea? (I would use a block of oak against the rim to hit that with a hammer, not the rim directly)
  12. 06 YZ450, was at the Pala vet track and came over a table top and another bike was laying down exactly where I was going to land. Braced for impact and pretty sure I cartwheeled, leatt saved me but cut my lower lip, broke my right foot, hurt shoulder. The handlebars were bent and the silencer was folded. Put new silencer and bars on and the front end isn't straight, so I have to have the bars every so slightly angled to run straight. I have ridden it a few times like this but now notice it more and want to fix this (I think the bike turns worse on right versus left turns). I am hoping the forks are not tweaked. Any ideas as to what may be the issue?
  13. Today at the vet track at pala, Over one of the table tops midair see a honda laying down exactly where I am going to land, hit it, cartwheeled, broke my right foot, right knee is really messed up, somehow busted my lip. Bent a radiator (had braces on there too), may have bent the sub frame, my FMF factory 4.1 Ti silencer is bent 45 degrees. Does anyone know if these can be repaired?
  14. 78sharpshooter

    Working Class Motocross Challenge Sept. 1-2

    Whats the scoop on the track layout?
  15. 78sharpshooter

    Working Class Motocross Challenge Sept. 1-2

    My buddy and I will be there to check this out (both first time racers). Should be fun to watch the "large women" class as well.