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    Idle Problems

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your replys. I have not made any pilot jet adjustments so I decided to maybe richen it up a little. I used 2-2.5 turn. The idle still bounced around a little on its own but after some idle adjustments settled to be fairly ok. And then after idling so long it dropped some coolant so I switched it off. Is this damaging the engine? I think that 3 turns may make it ok (just) ... but obviously this is the highest that should be used and is an indication that something is wrong. The hot start doesnt seem to be stuck, I can still hear it moving around (I cannot see it). And any touch of the hot start at idle produces a backfire and stall But I probably should still check it. Krannie: How do I check the hot start? How do I check the throttle slide plate? How do I clean the carb? I am quite handy with a spanner but I havent worked on a bike before. Should I leave this to a machanic? Sorry about all the questions, and thanks for your help, Alex
  2. AlexAUS

    Idle Problems

    Hi Guys, I have a 04 CRF450R that I have owned for a few months. The bike has been great until recently. After changing my air filter (I think) the bike started to idle funny. It would initially idle high, then I would turn it down a little and then it would almost stall so I have to turn it up again. It also seems to stick on a high idle when I blip the throttle. During startup the exhaust pops and backfires at times. I should also mention that I can get a perfect idle with the choke on and the idle screw turned down. On the other hand, off idle performance is great. Does this indicate a lean condition? How did this happen without any adjustments? On a side note, when I leave the bike idling for 5-10 minutes (while I am trying to figure out this problem). It seems to heat up quite a lot and it spits out some coolant. Is this normal? Thank you for your help, Alex