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  1. nopwr

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Cut throttle tube nearly in half, that's one tuff grip on there
  2. nopwr

    R1 throttle tube PN #?

    Anyone have the PN # for the R1 throttle tube that fits a DRZSM and provides a quicker or less of a trun of the throttle? Butchered mine 2nite, need new, why not a quicker turning tube Any help welcomed
  3. nopwr

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Pulled the Yosh. silencer off and took it a part thinkng I was going to repack it, looked OK, but ran out of time and put it back togeather and rode to work, managed to break the back tire loose while turning in an intersection no less and made the front squirm once, ugh! and made the front wheel rise above the ground, repeatedly. And, ran it a few seconds with the header open, in a closed garage, twice, slightly deaf now but what great music it was! Try it you will like it!
  4. nopwr


    Ebattery window poped up on Thumper Talk fourm page so I'm hoping it is a trusted site. $70 that's cheaper than I could find in OKC, free shipping and looks the same, I tryed the TT store, searched and searched found every Suzuki batt but the DRZ's, oh well. Will report back when rolling again.
  5. nopwr

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Enlarged (doubled the size) of the air flow cuts on the side panels and cut off the two dirverters? on the bottom of the seat. You can almost see the air filter, you can see straight into the 4x4 hole in air box. Might be a bit of a worry in heavy rain.
  6. nopwr

    dunlop 607 fit?

    will a 150-70-17 dunlop 607 fit on the read of a 05 sm and any opinions on are they a good tire, they are about 35 bucks less than a distanza
  7. nopwr

    Older dudes

    52 here and just not happy if I don't get the front wheel off the ground at least once per ride, the ultimate is to do it exiting a corner like I used to do in the dirt, but I'm working up to that on pavment, still working on getting that back wheel a little higher each time....if I could only afford a KTM 950 Duke!
  8. nopwr

    helmet cam footage of me

    That's great, looks alot like Okla woods, i used to have a hard time going to sleep as I would replay the day in my mind and dodging stuff makes you twitch and bounce around, makes he wife look at you funny
  9. nopwr

    cheap front signal mod

    Sorry all, I've been working to much, I tried to post pics, even tried to email one of the group, and I like your set up Batman
  10. nopwr

    cheap front signal mod

    This has probally been said before but here goes any way......... To raise and tuck in your stock front signals, remove , inverte and swap sides with the stock bracket....signals wind up level with the highest & widest point on the faring and the inside edge of the lens are about 3/4" from the fairing. I had to cut off the wire piece on the front brake/clutch cable holder and move the clutch cable in front of the brake line, other than that it's a simple take it all apart and put it all back togeather, it's almost like they were meant to work this way. Still too impaired to post pics, dang mad cow!
  11. nopwr

    How I tamed my Yosh

    Ride report... I moved the end washer in some and picked up a little more sound and got some of the "lag" back, and maybe some of the edgy power back. I'm wondering if the previously higher restriction some how made the vacum signal stronger there for lifting the slide quicker? I'll back the washer up and try it with some holes in it, maybe holes in both washers. I tried photo bucket and failed some how, I'll try again soon. As far as loud pipes go I've had a harley with drag pipes, an RD with chambers, a KZ with open and closed headers and have even managed to make my BMW too loud, soon to change that back though, but note....when riding a DRZ in the left lane our pipes are at ear level with cage drivers and cops, most just make angrey faces, but cops can make our faces angery with paper and pen. sorry got preachey for a bit
  12. nopwr

    How I tamed my Yosh

    I measured it all and the washers are 1.5" not what i said before, the depth of the pipe is 12.25", first washer from end of TEC is about 1.5" then second washer WAS at about 12" not far enough from the header pipe to allow flow around washer and through the baffel, it's now about 3" in from the start of the perforated baffel, have only started it an sounds even better! ride report to follow. This is a really easy mod and if you don't like it just stick a nut and bolt in the hole and ur back to stock. it's 3:30am and my compressor just came on and I jumped a foot!
  13. nopwr

    How I tamed my Yosh

    search not working, don't know how to post pic, do know I like the sound of this mod and I'll post more info on the results of putting holes in the washers in an effort to get more flow. Mod seems to of filled in some low to mid range or took the edge off the coming on the pipe hit, still pulls hard to limiter, and may of richened it up a bit as a little less surge while crusing and just maybe a little less lag from the cv carb. more rideable but that might be just me.
  14. nopwr

    DRZ400S has been sitting for a year

    81 kdx 420 stored for 9 years, i almost flipped it on the first test ride, changed the oil, burnt most of the gas, new gas and couldn't keep the front wheel down, but it had drum brakes so my buddies ate me alive every where but the straights, bought a cr 500 and could go as well as stop.
  15. nopwr

    "Playing" with the Fuzz?

    Got away a few times, got caught a lot more times, lost my first guitar to pay a ticket, could probably by a bike with the ticket money spent to date, last ticket 114mph in a 50mph (98 TA) = $230 Question authority