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  1. To be honest; Imagine getting out of town, into the 'wilds', you're standing at the edge of a paved road looking down a forest trail / gravel track / muddy lane / grassy field / rocky ravine / sandy beach / dirt track / desert / ANYWHERE off the tarmac, and you're ready to ride. Now you're given the keys to both of those bikes (original and street_pimped) which one would you get on and start throwing some dirt around with? Wasn't that what XR were made for? It looks _nice_ but it's trying to be something it's not.
  2. This is what 'roads' here in Laos get like in the 'wet season' (Jul-Oct). Riding across submerged paddy rice fields 'aint easy when you've only got Dunlop D605's on your bike! FYI this road is on the way to here:
  3. I always enjoy a 'show and tell' thread so here's a shot of my '96 XR400 on the road I have to travel along most days on my way to work. It's a nice ride as long as there's no flooding!
  4. HM KCY A1 - From a '97 Tip Photo Here!
  5. When you say "Dunlop Knobblies", which ones ? I ride my XR4 round the streets of Vientiane, Laos in the wet season on Thai Made Dunlop D605's front and rear and I dont have many problems, the 605's are also cheap and pretty useful on the kind of hard packed laterite country roads we've got in Laos, i'm pretty sure the roads of N. Thailand are the same! I'd stay off the roads in BKK if I were you, use the Metro or the MRT!! P EDIT: Size15, where do you get XR parts in Bangkok, i'll be down there soon, are there any good shops?