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  1. ragdoll-SA

    06' Pressure in radiator ..!

    I am going to pull the bike down and see what the issue is..will let know.
  2. While preparing for a ride about 3weeks ago I checked my radiator level, when i opened the cap there wasa fair amount of pressure in the radiator. I thought nothing about it, went to the track the next day, while telling everyone about it i actually re-opened the cap and there was once again pressure in the radiator...????? I hadn't started the bike since the prevoius evening..!!! So i left it , rode the day at the track, didnt ride the following week (nor did i check it)..this evening i went to see whatsup with the radiator, as i opened it there was so much pressure in the radiator it actually sprayed out around 150-200ml .... There is nothing in the oil...and it doesnt seem to be loosing water... There is just a load of pressure, could i have blown a head gasket, and if that's the case could there still be so much pressure after around 11days of not riding..?? Any ideas on &%$#@! could be causing this..
  3. ragdoll-SA

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    Agreed, and i think that statment can be extended to the likes of 125Shifter..
  4. ragdoll-SA

    06 Shortened Silencer

    Do you think there will be any differenc in power...?
  5. ragdoll-SA

    06 Shortened Silencer

    Hi, Has anyone out there shortened the lenght of there stock silencer, if so what are the differences. Mine has some damage and was thinking of taking a few inches off.. Any ideas what would happen..??
  6. ragdoll-SA

    Boyeson quickshot on a 2007

    Or just get a 250F...
  7. ragdoll-SA

    Boyeson quickshot on a 2007

    I installed the quickshot and it deffinately sorted the bog out, problem was that it made it to responsive ...if that's possible and i actually took it out.. I far more enjoy the chugging motor over a supper responsive 1..and if you play with the airscrew it does go away ...unless u doing supercross type rythm sections.
  8. ragdoll-SA

    Pics of your 06-09 yzf 450

    Before: After:
  9. ragdoll-SA

    50th Limited Edition....Bleached

    Hey Wyatt....How did you get your Clutch cover so buffed...and did you put a clear finish over it...? Looks awesome
  10. ragdoll-SA

    Best Front Tire - 2006 YZ450F

    what conditions are the Dunlop 756 suited for...?
  11. ragdoll-SA

    Any Problems with 06 YZ450's yet?

    I installed the GYT-R bar raises on y 450.....wow what a differant animal.... thats all i've changed....total awesome machine
  12. ragdoll-SA

    GYTR Skid plate

    Have you guys heard of any issues with the YZ450F overheating when using differant skid plates...????
  13. ragdoll-SA

    So I bought a new YZ450F '06

    hey wpsnowman, dont worry about the shootouts...ride the bike and let that be the answer... rode mine for the first time on the weekend ....and all I can say is ...it is absolutely awesome.... trust me , after the first 2 laps u know u have made the right decision ..
  14. ragdoll-SA

    CRF 450 vs YZ 450f

    Hi, (this has probably been asked before) Not trying to start a thread ''which bike is better'' but how many of you hardcore CRF 450 riders have ridden the new YZ 450F and what are you pro and cons of the yammie over the honda.
  15. ragdoll-SA

    CRF vs YZ (privateers choice)

    yea..the valve story is a issue....apparently not a problem with the YZ...!!!