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  1. moab39

    Input on coolant overflow bottle.

    I use the motion pro overflow bottle. It works real good. One hint is to use a dab of silicon on the bottles hose ends to help keep the hoses in place. I have mine installed on the upper fork tubes.
  2. moab39

    is 18 inch wheel worth it

    get the stabilizer, I've got both also, and I did like running a trials tire. If you run a knobby it isn't noticiable.
  3. moab39

    Anyone interested in a YZ200?

    I've wanted to put a gas gas 321 trials motor in a yz 125 frame.
  4. moab39

    Rebuild my '03 or buy new?

    I have a 03 and an 07. Whenever I ride the 03, it feels real good. And I didn"t realize that it was 15 pounds different. Just remember whichever one you have, you"ll have to adjust, tune and modify to your liking, If you look on craigs list you can find lots of tricked out yz-250"s for under 2500 bucks. Thanks John
  5. moab39

    WR tranny numbers

    Is it possible to just replace 5th gear?
  6. If you have a bad seal ,does this mean that your bearing might be going bad? In other words what caused the seal to start leaking? thanks John
  7. moab39

    Anyone familiar with Montrose area? Free Ride

    I"ve ridden the Adobes and it don"t get much better. Except when they are wet. A few years ago we had excellent conditions except some of the north faces on top had melting snow, O" boy it can be be greasy! How are they right now? I might think about coming out next thursday if its not wet. John
  8. moab39

    Anyone familiar with Montrose area? Free Ride

    Are these also called the Adobes
  9. moab39

    Lefthand Canyon Fire

    It looks like it is below, to the east by old stage rd. and the wind has let up for now. So I think we dodge it by about a mile.
  10. moab39

    After New Top and Bottom End Problems Help!

    It sounds like a fuel, carb situation
  11. moab39

    seating the rear tubeles tire

    I've tried that, left it in the sun, strapped it with rachet type straps, but could not get it. If you look at you tube, there are a bunch of videos showing the starter fluid method, but it looks a little risky for spoked wheel. Especially a 10 year old wheel that may not seal good anyway!
  12. Has anybody tried the starter fluid techniqe to seat the rear tire? If not what is your secret. thanks John
  13. moab39

    jetting problem?

    this is my colorado setup for a yz-250. 168 main, 48 pilot, n3ek top or 2nd clip from top, and a #40 power jet, airscrew at 1-1 1/2 screws out. when the weather gets cooler I go to a richer main. When I go to moab I run the needle in the # 2 position from the top and go to a richer main. and play with the airscrew(in to go richer). I have also ridden the dunes in oregon a couple of years ago and went with my moab set up but with a richer pilot(50) and a 178 main (lots of waping in the sand) so the low end is not critical. this jetting should be close forall years 99-08.
  14. moab39

    modifying gas tank

    I was wondering if anybody has modified a plastic tank? I have a 3.9 clarke tank that was on a 03-yz-250. I want to put it on my 07-250 but the problem i am having, is i went fancy with the stabilizer and got the underbar mount, and the end of the stabilizer arm interfers with the tank by about an 1/8 of an inch. It sure seems like you could heat and bend the plastic. Has anybody done this before? thanks John.
  15. moab39

    Crested Butte

    this is the set up I use. #40 power jet, 168 main, 48 pilot, n3ek needle in top or second from top, I have used this set up in a 99, 03, 06, and 07. your air screw will be about 1 1/2 turns out.