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    I also have an 02 CBR954, right now I have just liability ($35/month) but when it was new I had full coverage thru State Farm. I paid $65/month for full coverage. Of course there are many variable like multi vehicle discount, age, location, driving record ... I was 29, no points, single and had 3 cars also insured by them. A friend of mine tried Progressive for his 01 929 and was giving a $3k quote. He was married, no points, lives near me and 29. Shop around...
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    Shell Rotella (sorta off topic..)

    I have a 93 5.0 LX (w 155K miles) and get 18-19MPG in mix city/highway driving. I have gotten as much as 24mpg on a highway trip. Only mods are KN cold air intake and H-pipe.