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  1. http://www.dratv.com/600026.html great deal and you dont need anything else(stock carb and oil pump will work fine). Once its back in stock snag one up!
  2. let us know how you like it!
  3. i have heard good things bout all of them. What what i remember BBR is on the soft side and 2 Bros and on the stiffer side....it all depends on what firmness you want...i prefer BBR...safes me from monkey butt
  4. trailbikes is mostly all motor stuff....if thats what you mean...? Trailbikes > ebay brands
  5. dratv.com has a 88cc kit for only $99! great for a play bike
  6. i think you should just keep it simple and change the sprocket..... if your already gonig to pull the head why not just put a dratv.com 88cc kit in then? Its only $99
  7. just gear it up more! i have hardly ever needed a 4th gear on any of the pitbike tracks i have been on. Sprockets are alot cheaper/more easy then a 4th gear shift drum install.....
  8. crf70 plastic is highly wanted as no companies make plastic(from what i can remember)sorry man
  9. i tried em! brittle as all hell...so expect them to snap if you ever crash it
  10. it will be fine for a 6 year old girl no problem!
  11. its alot more stable! thats bout it...if your racing it is a "must have" upgrade....but for just messing around you dont really need it
  12. nope just ignoring you...is there something wrong with trying to see a factory? i personally enjoy checkin out where my stuff comes from....settle yourself down now nate
  13. lets see some sweet pictures of there R&D and workshops/mills where they design all there own parts! go take a trip down there and check her out! i am really interested