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  1. Well guyz i know i just got the bike last year but after riding it a few times. I just couldnt really go out and have fun since this is my first bike and its a little to scketchy and powerful of a bike for my first. I shouldnt have got the 450 for my first but it was an ego thing thinkin o i raced 300cc atvs and since the next step was a 450 four wheeler i said why dont i just try the 450 dirtbike and get somethin new.. I dont even have that much time to ride anymore with college ball But anyway it is a like new 2006 crf450r with less then 15 hours. It is completely stock excecpt the graphics, radiator braces, skid plate and chain and iron man sproket. Still has original tires on it. I also have the stock plastic which was never used since i switched it to black when i first got it. Never raced only taken through the trails a couple times. Asking $4,900 Im located in erie, pennsylvania. Thanks for any replies
  2. Thanks guyz but is there a major difference between maxxis IT desert rather than just normal maxxis IT? And should i just keep the stock size tire? Thanks for any replies.
  3. Well its time for me to get a new set, front and rear. I have an 06 450r. I need a tire that will last for a while but still keep traction. I ride many trials and some small tracks but in order for me to get to those i have to ride some railroad tracks and some back roads. What whould me a good tire for this? Thanks for any help.
  4. Its not that bad just check in the back of the manual and do everything it tells you except change the piston after 15 hours. Just keep the chain in spec along with the air filter and check the oil after riding and change every 3-4 rides depending on type of riding. Make sure you dont use full synthetic oil in the tranny it will cause the clutch plates to slip. o and check the valves after a while when you start to hear them tick. where in pa r u from? I hope this helps
  5. Ironman last forever
  6. You should kick your bike to get the oil out that is built up. I use the billy who man funnel it works really well it has a kick guard so it doesnt go everywhere and it dips back so u can drain the tranny fluid as well
  7. thanks guyz will have action pics up soon prob next week when i go down to majestic pa
  8. there we go got it to work:ride:
  9. Just bought works connection skid plate looks good and protects my engine well.
  10. UPDATE... 1. MRD IIIIIIIIIIII 12 votes 2. White Brothers Carbon Pro IIIII 5 votes 3. FMF Factory 4.1 IIII 4 votes 4. Dr. D III 3 votes 4. Pro Circuit Ti4 III 3 votes 5. Akrapovic II 2 votes 5. Yoshimura II 2 votes 5. DMC II 2 votes Last. CHM 0 votes Slip-ons 1. Big Gun EVO II 2 votes 2. HMF I 1 vote
  11. ok heres how it tally's up so far 1. MRD = 5 votes 2. White Brothers Carbon Pro = 3 votes 2. Dr. D = 3 votes 2. FMF Factory 4.1 = 3 votes 2. Pro Circuit Ti-4 = 3 votes 3. Akrapovic = 2 votes 4. Yoshi RS-2 = 1 vote 5. CHM = 0 5. Hmf = 0 BigGun Evo = 1 slip on Thx guyz keep em comin
  12. Honda

  13. Honda

    I would recommend a 300ex a 250ex will get boring after a while but its up to the rider