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  1. GREGS CRF450X

    New info, check it out

    I did my oil screen last night it was about 30% blocked.. While I was at it I checked my shift shaft "detent" bolt, it was nice and snug. Good news for peice of mind, bad news for me and my riding style. I guess I am hitting it into neutral with my foot (alot).
  2. GREGS CRF450X

    New info, check it out

    Excellent post, I'm going to do my screen and detent shifter arm/ bolt problem too.
  3. GREGS CRF450X

    White plastics on KXF bikes

  4. GREGS CRF450X

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    Here is my 08 450! Before with amateur graphics.. What it looks like now with my intermediate graphics..
  5. GREGS CRF450X

    X for WORCS

    I race on '05 450X in the TORCS series here in Texas, which is run by WORCS. The bike is fantastic. I am not!!!!
  6. GREGS CRF450X

    Best looking bike contest*************

    No words are needed!!!!
  7. GREGS CRF450X

    Guys.. I have WAY too much time on my hands

    Looks awesome and I had thought about doing it, but not if you gotta do it every couple of rides.
  8. GREGS CRF450X

    how to take the whoops like RC

    Check out http://www.dcshoes.com go to the video section and trick tips. RC himself has a video on how HE handles the whoops.
  9. GREGS CRF450X

    Putting the 450X on the stand

    i just grab by the rear wheel.
  10. GREGS CRF450X

    CR250 starts, but quickly dies

    Thanks guys, I'll try the plug first. Just seemed odd. Nothing, settings wise has changed. And all of the sudden it wont start.
  11. GREGS CRF450X

    CR250 starts, but quickly dies

    Same problem here. I sold my 95 CR250R to a buddy. The thing ran perfect for 6 years, even ran good for him when we went to ride before he bought it. He took home, it kicked over and fired for like 2 seconds and has not ran since. I cleaned the carb, the plug, and the air filter. It kicked over for like 2 seconds and would not fire again. I am at a loss here. I even tried unplugging the kill switch. Only thing I know that is left is a $270.00 ignition module. Any suggestions?
  12. GREGS CRF450X

    moving to houston?

    Prich, I live in Dallas/ Ft Worth. I use this site for most of the places I go ride. Excellent site. There are plenty of places around Houston. http://www.txtracks.com/ Greg
  13. GREGS CRF450X

    Need more power!! Suggestions please.

    On this JD jetting kit, is there a certain P/N # I need to request? I live in north texas and race cross-country series. Or should I just go talk to my local shop? I have opened up the airbox and have done the pink wire. I am leaving my muffler stock for now. Also, what are these "free" mods I keep reading about?