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  1. Eros

    Help my xr400 is runinn like $%#@

    Check the spark (not spark plug SPARK)
  2. Eros

    XR400 starting woes, help!

    Remove de spark plug boot resistor, that helped me a lot on the starts, check the forum for this mod ...
  3. Eros

    advice re '99 xr400

    "Mikuni FCR" I think it´s Mikuni TM36 or Keihin FCR, please correct me if I´m wrong. ..
  4. Eros

    What PSI?

    I use 18psi and I use my bike on the street, sort of carefully and MX not carefully at all. Low pressure => less wear on my pirelli mt18s.
  5. Eros

    Plug mod, a must do.

    I tried this mod on my XR400 several months ago and it worked realy great I definitly recomend it
  6. Eros

    Road tyres on an XR400

    I use my XR400 on asfalt very much and also for mx. I´m using pirelli MT18 they are good for the dirt and they stand quite well the asfalt use. OJO! in the asfalt I don´t do anything very extreme, mt18s are not asfalt tires so I handle them with care... I hope this helps...
  7. Thanks GlennF for this and the other
  8. How high .... I don´t know, as high I have guts or the suspension starts braking apart. What happens first. The idea is to turn my XR400 in a SMX machine (tought and expensive job, but that´s what I want). For now I want to improve the stock suspension as much as I can. Maybe later I´ll go for inverted forks but for now I don´t think so.
  9. I´m about to send my XR400 to tune up revalve or whatever for motocross use. A friend told me about the existance of a "progressive springs". I wander if it whoud be a good improvement for my XR 400 for motocross use. I have a bottoming problem on some jumps (I know the XR´s weren´t ment for motocross.) I´ve been riding for a year now and I wanted any suggestions to improve my Xr400 suspension for motocross (please don´t tell me to get a CR or CRF)