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  1. I am looking for an enclosed traler for dirt bikes and was looking for advise on size and bike placrment I have 2 65's ,1 85 and 1 250 plus gear, gas ,tools etc. I am towing it with a 31' class c motorhome ford E-450
  2. Bigg B

    Torn meniscus

    Thank you for all your help with this I will let you know how it turns out
  3. Bigg B

    Torn meniscus

    OK if I were your patient based on what I have told you would be recommending the surgery Thanks
  4. Bigg B

    Torn meniscus

    So are thinking that I should have the surgery and should expect good results and I so what type of recovery time am I looking at. Thank you for all your help
  5. Bigg B

    Torn meniscus

    No arthitis in the knee the doc said everything looks great exept for the tear
  6. Bigg B

    Torn meniscus

    I injured my knee about 18 months ago when it happened it hurt really bad for a couple of weeks and then it started to feel somewhat better then it got to a point where it was good enough I could still ride and do what I wanted with minimal discomfort.Then about 2 months ago it started hurting in the back of my knee and I noticed there was a large lump behind my knee I went to the ortho doc he said it was a baker cyst and ordered an MRI the results are a torn meniscus which he said is the cause of the cyst and he wants me to have surgery to fix the meniscus my question is should I have this done since it dosent hurt all the time.It only hurts sometimes after running or a couple miles on the ellipitical and then it is more of a tight swallon feeling and some minor pain behind the knee It also clicks or pops all the time but does not lockup .I am nervous to have the surgery I dont want to be laid up long my doctor says ill be able to walk out after surgery no crutches and back to my old self in a couple of weeks all I have to compare it to is 4 years ago I broke my tib/fib and neede a rod and it was awful painful and cannot go through that again any advise on weather I should have the surgery done would be appreciated
  7. Bigg B

    Athena 280 kit

    How much horse power will be gained when the kit is installed and can you get the same gain from a pipe
  8. Bigg B

    Head Bolts

    I put it through a good heat cycle and no leaks I think 29 foot lbs is way to much but that is what the manual says.
  9. Bigg B

    Head Bolts

    I installed an athena kit in 08 crf 250 and was tightening the head bolts and was only able to torqe 3 of them the forth one felt like it was going to snap it feels tight with a wratchet but not to spec it started first kick and ran perfect should I take it back apart and try to torqe it and hope it dosent break or just leave it alone until I do the top end again
  10. Bigg B

    2008 CFR 250 R Jetting

    I have an 08 250r with stock jetting it has a low end bog and wont idle right it revs up and down at idle. Can some one let me know what is proper jetting and carb settings.I am also going to install a 280 athena kit if someone knows proper carb set up I would like to know that one as well Thanks
  11. Bigg B

    Big Bore kit

    Will the stock cam in my 08 work or do I need to go with something else and what about carb jetting?
  12. Bigg B

    Big Bore kit

    I only ride MX in the vet classes so I am competing with the 450s I bought one of those to start and it made me so tired so fast I love my 250 and would like just a bit power more all the way around and would like to do it in the best way I dont know what a hi comp piston will do vs a big bore or porting like I said just want to do it in the best way
  13. Bigg B

    Big Bore kit

    I want to install a big bore kit or stroker in my 08 crf 250r and was wondering witch one was the best as far as power gains and reliability
  14. Bigg B

    07 450r

    Well after a long deliberation 250 or 450 I finally bought a new bike. I dont think the front tire that comes stock is that good dunlop 742FA.What is a good tire for the front and what else do you guys recommend doing to it . It is going to be used for mx only.
  15. Bigg B

    More from an 08 250f

    Over 40 hp sounds great how much $ are we talking about